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for all of you asking for Toto, check it out: [link]

hah....been working on this for a few days in an out

From Left to Right:
Dorothy (Queen of Clubs), Scarecrow (Jack of Diamonds), Tinman (Ace of Hearts), Cowardly Lion (King of Spades)

it takes a bit of explaination, though, so stay with me if youre curious XD;;

alrighty then....i got the idea to redesign the Wizard of Oz characters.

*initially i only had an idea for the Tinman, a mech/knight/steam robot with a hole over his heart since its what hes i got the idea to put a heart shaped hole there, ala KH (^^;).

*when i got to the scarecrow, i thought about putting a brain shaped hole, but decided against it for being so corny XD; i tried making it an eye...that didnt work too hot came out diamond i thought "hey....i gots a heart and a diamond...might as well use Card Suites! 8D"

*So when i got to the Cowardly Lion, i was wondering where to put his "hole" and since hes a coward, i was thinking of having a hole where his balls should be o___O; (i know im sick....)....and since a "spayed" animal is one thats been neutered....i decided to make the Lion the Spade Suite (XD;;; )....i ended up making the Lion "gutless" though......(im so clever durhurhur)

*i acutally had the most difficulty making Dorothy...the only thing i did have in mind was i knew i wanted her to have red shoes to represent the ruby slippers....but when i got to her, the other three card suites were taken, so she was left with to get inspiration i looked up a few images of the Queen of Clubs in card decks, and realized a majority of them had some sort of checker design on i thought i might as well make her some emo/punk costume....or something XD;;;

ALRIGHT, sorry bout that.....looong ass explanation XD;;;
(though i might ignore all comments asking why theyre based off of Suites >.> )
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This is so cool! Interesting redesign of them.

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amazing everything is just amazing
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I personally like scarecrow's design the most.
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Ever read the oz books by L Frank Baum?
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Oz characters Lvl 100
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wow it looks relay great, and the style u put them in. it relay complement every thing.Heart Stars 
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Oz and Wonderland fusion? 

If all this have place in the same universe,, that could be fun o.o
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Now THIS... this is creative and Badass.
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wow nice designs. the card suites reminds me of a story i was thinking about a couple years based of playing cards in a medieval type fantasy world with Kings, Queens, Princes (Jacks), Champions (Aces) of each Kingdom or faction. Each suite is a different faction or different type of fantasy race. Theres Clubs who are woodland dwellers, and include beasts and ogre like people. Usually brutish with brawn and no brains, but there are also the wise types (Owl people) that help govern and keep order in the kingdom. Spades who are mainly dark arts mages and masters of the shadows. Diamonds an advanced race that loves all things high-tech, shiny and advanced living. mix of steampunk futuristic tech types, and even a group of vigilantes who call themselves Diamond Dogs and dress like pirates. Diamond types tend to love the best weapons and armors to ensure survival. and lastly the Hearts, that closely would resemble angels but elf like in appearance, and they enjoy peace, and helping each other, and could be called light art users although that would tend to think of themselves as spiritual believers).

The antagonist is a shadow user type (Jack of Shadows) who calls himself Jack the Shadow alias Black Jack or Shadow Jack, who is targeted by his own brother 10 of Spades to become the next King, and is framed for the murder of his father, and exiled (or rather he flees after being ordered to be killed). Sounds like Lion King at this point tbh lol but he befriends a young orphan girl called Pip (2 of spades) and her stray pet dog Kitty, and adventures ensue. Theres also side stories with Champion showdowns, epic battles, treasure hunts, discovering ancient dragon eggs, mythical creatures, and Legendary beings, wizardry, Joker vs Joker (one is a good magician, the other is an evil assassin with magical properties), and of course a love story!

And now that i hyped myself up, and typed this out, i think i better go work on this project ;)
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When I read the description in the part where you explained the design of the cowardly lion, which you ended up making him gutless, I actually found it really accurate when you compare the design you gave him and his name, because there was an expression that says something like "You need to have guts to be brave" or somesh** like that, which I realized it was a clever design indeed, because without his guts, he's just a coward, so it was like a sort of metaphoric design you've gave to the cowardly lion, which I really love it, it's just clever and accurate, with a side of awesome!!❤... You did a great job!!👍👍...
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yeah you get it! thank you so much, glad you like the designs!
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Ya' welcome!😊😊...
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Super amazing character design!!!

Luke's Epic Face 
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ohhoho mannwe got ourselves a wizard!
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really awesome! the lion is just amazng :D
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looks really good!
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Looks quite cool, in my opinion. Your art style is very distinctive, almost a fusion of bishonen anime and the exaggerated proportions of western animation. I really like it!
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