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Magic Calender

The magic system works like a horoscope, each month carrying the magical properties of an element, and the time of day effecting the way it manifests in the person.
Everyone in the world is born with magic affiliations, often finding their calling in a sub-element. Only those who dedicate their lives to magic study can unlock the power to access multiple sub-elements. However, it is impossible for internal magic users to perform external magic, and vice versa. Otherwise, magic prowess depends on the amount of study and practice put in by the individual.

The different ways of "casting" magic (transformations, enchantments, etc) also take years of study, and usually learning a single application can be a lifetime of dedication. Certain magic applications often bleed directly into crafts occupations across the world.


- Internal metal user who applies through enchantments: can specialize in a gold sub-element and create enchanted jewelry.  By touching and interacting with the gold, this magic user can infuse it with their influence, perhaps through something like a personal crest or brand. These gold rings or necklaces can hold magic and enhance the resonance of the wearer's own magic.
This example can also apply to other materials, like gems, metal for armor, wood for wands, herbs for potions, etc etc. (yes, crafted items with infused magic can also be ingested, depending on the make)

- External water user who applies through an area of effect: can specialize in snow and cause a snowstorm around them. It would only be a certain radius, the size depending on their capabilities or energy levels. 
This example can also apply to other elements, like an earth user who causes quakes, a fire user who specializes in magma and causes volcanic eruptions, etc

The descriptions under each element are different “cycles” that occur throughout the year:
1) the outermost cycle is the cycle of life,
2) the middle circle is the cycle of agriculture, and
3) the innermost circle is education

If you have any questions or think of any of your own examples, please feel free to ask in the comments below! This is a universe that I am slowly working on with Ai-Bee and 
TheFlamingZebra, but please feel free to suggest and get involved! I want this to become an open world eventually for people to make their own characters in :D


More of this world can be found here
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This is awesome. I like the calendar design and show what kinds of magic is used
Ah cool, I finally found the person responsible for this chart! :D I discovered it sometime last year somewhere but it was very low resolution to where I couldn't read it.  It could've been Pintrest or a RPG game site, impossible to say. I've been trying to organize how magic will work or function in my literary world and this provides some good inspiration, thanks.

I've been thinking about the capabilities of an External Fire user and thinking up possible abilities. One in particular would be the ability to create something akin to a small doll of straw that, when set alight, turns into something like a large fire Elemental that the user can direct and control. Does that fit the archetype, or is it more in line with Internal capabilities?
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

Hi! So sorry for the late reply, I lose track of things on here so easily ack! :doh:

The ability you've suggested could be either! Basically think about how it's cast-- if the user needs to hold it to set it alight, or can they just make it burst into flames from a distance?

Ah, so the need for physical contact is another factor. Thanks for the clarification. Now that I think about it, the abilities I've thought up for him do tend to activate at a distance, like something of a trapper who hems enemies into killzones with Fire Elementals.
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I was born mid-August, translating that into this calendar, which element would I probably possess, wood or fire? ://,)
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

I don't actually have a direct map of my magic calendar to any realworld system I'm sorry! T//v//T

I think it'd actually be somewhere in Earth though!

remmeline's avatar
Ah no worries!! Earth sounds very accurate :,) this is fun bweheheh
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This is interesting, reminds me a bit of the system from Avatar but with more elements (I tend to stick with Bionicle Element ammounts minus certain ones such as Sonics, Plasma, and Psyonics (Mind element).

I know this may be a stretch to ask but would you mind if I used the symbols for the elements as alternative runes for my Pottermore Wand designs? The main reason I ask is well I do intend to sell my wands, I'm sure for a fact that while you said you want this to be "Open" you didn't mean Public Domain. I would be willing to give you a percent of any wand's sale when it is sold or some other system and I would draw up a contract and have it Notarized so it is binding.

If you wish to continue discussing this further tell me and I will contact you through notes and or Email your pick. Sorry to bother you but I think these would make interesting runes and all and I rather use pure fictional Runes where I can.
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
I'd really like if you didn't use my art. Thanks!
Plookustheplok's avatar
I will respectfully leave the subject alone. I do hope I didn't offend I really meant no harm. Good luck with all your further works and thank you for replying.
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
You didn't offend, I just don't want it to be used! Thank you for asking!
Plookustheplok's avatar
Ok good, glad I've not said something awkward. Fully understand, like I said I prefer using fictional and therefore original Runes, the viking ones are over used and others I'm not comfortable working with if you take my meaning. Also your very welcome unless it's a PD design I do my best to ensure I don't step on anyone's toes.
I love this.        This is the chinese internal 5 elements plus air which I  use.  The 8 external element  bagua  uses  the 5 system.      The magic does work with that system.  
Thank you I like  how you tie the things together here.
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Thanks I'm glad you like it!!
Water conception.  "Saddening or misery" by desolation.  Solution through toil, labor.  "Air" already ties the horizon by the mountain of eight points.  Sense of earthly boundaries, limitations by incarnation itself. 
Wood not birth, but excitement to compete and multiplying potential.  "Fire" maturity.  "Earth" harvest.  Metal merriment from the harvest by "sowing."
For Redlight 47.
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Can others people ride other's magic? , example: Some riding a sound wave
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Hmm, sorry but could you elaborate a little more?
jetstar19's avatar
Like an External User uses a wave of magic like sound or water and someone jumps on it and rides it
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
I see, interesting! I think in that specific situation, the person riding on the sound wave would have to be an air user (or a water user on a liquid wave, you get the drill)
jetstar19's avatar
Alright thank you for the feed back
jetstar19's avatar
How does the magic work, do you just know spells or are there activation words?
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
At the moment it's different for everyone! Most of my spellcasters do it silently, and the ones who use activation words are often Air users, since the speaking/sound is part of their magic
jetstar19's avatar
Thank you for the feed back
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