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Fantasy Races: [4/4] Orcs


WOW THIS TOOK LIKE TWO WEEKS? Well maybe more like 4 days overall, since I only worked on them over the weekends.

I'll probably be making more (as well as environments and creatures), but first I wanted to explore the races I had in mind for the world me and *Ai-Bee are building for this.
This project is currently unnamed, but it's something I've wanted to do ever since I was in middle school.

A lot of High Fantasy is very overdone and all the designs are inbred, so as a kid I wanted to see a fantasy world that was more diverse, but used a lot of familiar things from the genre.
I realize I'm taking a lot of liberties with the typical interpretations of High Fantasy...but it's fucking fantasy, dude.
What's fantasy without imagination? I always thought the "rules" some people ascribe to were bullshit anyway.
(sorry any Tolkien/D&D-die-hards, this project probably isn't for you)

I reference a lot of cultures and plan to mix them with more typical fantasy elements, but if anyone who belongs to the cultures that inspired me, by all means please let me know if I've done anything seriously wrong or offensive and I will look into it and fix it as best as I can. And yes, I know where the names I'm using came from.

No body shaming will be tolerated. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

So without any further ado, here is some thought-vomit on each of the races and sub-races!


Ogres: Despite their hulking, brutish appearance, the Northern Orcs are very family-oriented, and tend to have houses overrun with children. It’s common to see both parents with babies strapped to their backs and stomachs while they continue their daily routine. Marriage infidelity is severely frowned on. Like the Jotuns, they live in underground communities in houses they’ve hollowed out of the cave walls. They’re a loud and hearty culture that loves festivities, so flashy celebrations and ceremonies are common. They wear very little due to their immunity to the cold, and are experts at tanning and curing leather. Like all Northern races, their love of music is well known, specializing in percussion and lyrical chanting.
Inspirations and notes: Native American cultures, focus on Hopi. Bulky, powerful bodies. American Native, Central American, and Latin@ features.

Goblins: Once a proud nation, the Goblins have suffered from enslavement ever since they were defeated in a war centuries ago. Since then, their culture has grown in many different directions, usually adopting qualities from the country they’re employed in. They’ve started gaining independence in recent years, building small communities and districts within the Naiad, Myr, and Gnome Nations, and are slowly rebuilding relations with the Dwarves. Well known for their dexterity and intelligence, the Goblins are famous for their vehicles and automated tools, having some of the best repairmen and smiths in the world.
Inspirations and notes: Gaelic/16th century Scottish culture, mixed with contemporary Gothic fashion and dieselpunk. Thin bodies, shortest orc race. Western European features.

Trolls: Unlike the other Eastern races, the Trolls live outside of the Marshes, among various scattered islands. Ruled by separate clans and families, the Trolls are surprisingly at peace with one another, gathering often for big festivals and merry-making. Renowned for some of the most sought-after cuisine, their seafood dishes are considered delicacies across the world. Their fishing villages populate the coasts while the cities further inland are hubs for trading among the clans. Famous for their seafaring lifestyle, wood-work and craft, they range from fishermen to pirates and sailors. Crude and rowdy, the Trolls are well-liked for their humor, though they don’t prefer the company of any of the other Eastern races, preferring trade with the Northern countries.
Inspirations and notes: Ainu mixed with some Feudal Japanese culture. Tall, lanky bodies. North to East Asian features.

Gorgons: A powerful race of warriors, the Sourthern Orcs are a vicious and militant people who are known for their fighting prowess and invention of many competitive sports. Honor and physical abilities are held in the highest esteem, so their leaders are chosen from fighting and wrestling competitions. Despite their belligerence, their culture is very just, ruled by a council of generals. They’ve become reclusive after an unsuccessful siege on the Giant’s capital, but are patching up relations with the other southern races, mainly the Kobolds. The Gorgons have some of the best metalwork in the south, and have an impressive variety of tamed animals for both work and entertainment— mainly recognized for their pet trade and traveling circuses.
Inspirations and notes: ancient Roman culture, focus on gladiatorial aesthetics and ancient Sparta. Built, muscular bodies, usually thick necks. Mediterranean to North African features.

Also to answer everyone's question about why they glow:
The Orcs are the most in-touch with their magic on a physical level, so their elements manifest in their eyes and mouth

The other races:
Fantasy Races: [1/4] Humans by TysheaFantasy Races: [2/4] Elves by TysheaFantasy Races: [3/4] Halflings by Tyshea

To see more of this world, please visit this gallery!

(sorry for anyone who got this twice, dA deleted it for some reason?? wtf)

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I really like the orcs. It's different from the usual portrayal of orcs being mostly male and they also remind me of oni
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar

Hmm, I'm not sure how you did it, but these orcs looks so huggable. Especially the ones on the right half.

Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

haha orcs deserve love too :XD:

NatureB01's avatar
Why they look censored like ?, could we get to see uncensored or naked version of em ?(all races) like Elder scroll 2 style is 
pookiesaurus4's avatar
So goblins and trolls are considered orcs too?
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

yeah for my worldbuilding they are!

GalacticNightSky99's avatar
How long do they live?
Gryphonia's avatar
:wave::wave::wave::wave:Hello! :D :)
:aww: Nice picture! :clap::dance::wow:
:iconeufrosis:I like it!:blowkiss::iconpurpleheartplz:
Keep up the good work!
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Thank you so much!
Ivor-Kovac's avatar
I like this rendition of orcs, and it's cool how you subdivided them down into different species.
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Glad to hear that, thank you!
Syko7-y's avatar
What colors are associated with each element?
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
I don't have specific colors for each element, especially since so many of them have prominent subelements (like air could be a light blue, but lightning can go from bright white to yellow-ish to even purplish, etc)
Syko7-y's avatar
What about those with metal elements?
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Sorry for the late response! I usually do a cool teal or metallic/slate blue or something for metal elements! Unless their subelement is something like electricity, then I might do yellow or purple or something. Honestly it's all quite liberal :D
lancelobato's avatar
interesting concept.
so, in your world, "orc" is the species (like homo sapiens) and the other "monster" tags like troll, goblin and such, are the subraces?
is that it? or am I misinterpreting?

I always combine goblinoids (goblins, hobgolbins, ogres, bugbears and such) in my worlds, as part of a bigger etnic group, that historically worked together in resistance to other more "civilized" humanoids.
so I love when people blend in fantasy creature races with etnic and cultural themes.  :)
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Yep you got it, Orc is the overarching species that trolls and goblins etc fit into :)
I've wanted to do a project like this since I was 13 haha, I think the concept has so much potential!
lancelobato's avatar
great potencial indeed.
world creation is so cool. and you are doing an amazing job, pal.  :)
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
I appreciate that, thanks!
Porphyrophobi4's avatar
Would love to see tieflings 
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Ahh I probably won't be doing Tieflings since they're specific to D&D! If I ever publish this project, I wouldn't want a lawsuit on my hands :P
Kanguigrok's avatar
Hey. I have checked all your fantasy races. I think they are cool, but all of them are very very very humanoid and thats fine but like its a fantasy world where is the fantasy divercity? And though i understand that this is merely a small part of the world and appearently you are doing these to be in a world where you can rp and these would be the ones you rp as? But still i would love to see some of the less humanoid ones from your world like animals and such. :)
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