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Fantasy Races: [1/4] Humans

WOW THIS TOOK LIKE TWO WEEKS? Well maybe more like 4 days overall, since I only worked on them over the weekends.

I'll probably be making more (as well as environments and creatures), but first I wanted to explore the races I had in mind for the world me and *Ai-Bee are building for this.
This project is currently unnamed, but it's something I've wanted to do ever since I was in middle school.

A lot of High Fantasy is very overdone and all the designs are inbred, so as a kid I wanted to see a fantasy world that was more diverse, but used a lot of familiar things from the genre.
I realize I'm taking a lot of liberties with the typical interpretations of High Fantasy...but it's fucking fantasy, dude.
What's fantasy without imagination? I always thought the "rules" some people ascribe to were bullshit anyway.
(sorry any Tolkien/D&D-die-hards, this project probably isn't for you)

I reference a lot of cultures and plan to mix them with more typical fantasy elements, but if anyone who belongs to the cultures that inspired me, by all means please let me know if I've done anything seriously wrong or offensive and I will look into it and fix it as best as I can. And yes, I know where the names I'm using came from.

No body shaming will be tolerated. (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

So without any further ado, here is some thought-vomit on each of the races and sub-races!

    Nomads: Well known for their singing, archery, and animals, the Nomads are a collection of family tribes that occupy the Northeast sector of the world. Their culture values experience above anything, so the oldest members of each respective family typically lead their tribe, regardless of occupation, gender, or physical prowess. From a young age, they are raised alongside the animals they keep, and usually develop a strong bond with their future mount. The death of a mount is mourned just as much as the death of a family member. While their relations with the other Northern races are good, they typically keep out of politics, preferring trade as their only source of interaction.
    Inspirations and notes: traditional Mongolian culture. Typically bigger, stout body types. Central-to-North Asian features.

    Myrmidons: Also called the Myr, the Western Humans are an ambitious, young nation with a powerful army and steam-powered technology. Working under a prominent royal family, they are a positive and nationalistic kingdom. Though not overtly militaristic themselves, they've been involved in many turf wars through their allies, the West Elven Naiads. Many races consider them the overbearing "little brother nation" to the Naiads, though the Myr view themselves as helpful and loyal, honoring their kingdom and creed above all. They're currently developing a railroad system in hopes of bridging the Western and Eastern sectors to increase good relations and trade.
    Inspirations and notes: Victorian era British culture and steampunk. Strong, athletic bodies. Black-American features.

    Garuda: Economically poor but culturally rich, the Garuda are a demure and hard-working people famous for their theater, clothing dyes, tropical food, and floating market. They range from artists to traders, weavers, entertainers, and stock-herders, though normally farmers. It's common to find large farming villages because much of their food is sold to the Eastern Elves who live in the trees above them. A very spiritual group, the only leaders in their society are religious figureheads. Traveling monks and nuns who perform religious services and medicinal miracles are also well-known and seen as signs of good luck.
    Inspirations and notes: traditional Thai culture. Thin, androgynous bodies, swapped gender expression. Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander features.

    Giants: The most distinguished race of humans, the Giants (or Titans) are a powerful and rich nation that lord over the South with a stern but gentle hand. Their royal family is chosen through creed and a series of tests; the elected king and queen rule together with even responsibilities and are typically not married, having personal lives outside of their political sphere. Known for cultivating the best education and scholars, they are a disciplined and sophisticated people that are sometimes faulted for their lack of humor and arrogance. Despite being a political and militaristic powerhouse, the recent technological developments in the West have been causing some tension.
    Inspirations and notes: Ancient Egyptian culture. Tallest race, thick, statue-esque bodies. Central to North African and Middle Eastern features.

The other races:
Fantasy Races: [2/4] Elves by TysheaFantasy Races: [3/4] Halflings by TysheaFantasy Races: [4/4] Orcs by Tyshea

To see more of this world, please visit this gallery!
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I really like the different races of humans. I usually see white people being used for fantasy settings, but I think it's awesome the humans are based on black people like me; East Asians, and South Asians.
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

Yeah I always felt out of place loving high fantasy but being Asian. I'm so happy you like it!

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Thanks, I agree. Most of the time, I see black people in fantasy settings but they never give much attention aside from fantasy species like orcs, elves, dwarves, and goblins.
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i dont know if this question would offend you or not but looking at the map is their any in lore explanation that why is their no Caucasian type of people or is it just your own chose in art .. by the way love the world building you did .

Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

it's my personal preference! There are cultures based on white people in my elves and halflings :)

Thank you!

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thank you for the reply :)

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They look cool..

suggesiton: Have possible thought of making naked version of em?
You probably already know this but I'm just the kind of guy who needs to point stuff out. *Ahem* It's obvious that the Garuda are loosely based on the ones from the legend of Zelda but they got the name from the Hindu religion, I won't bother describing him here. Also are the Nomads actually Nomadic at all? 
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

lol you're only a fraction right-- the GerudO in in the Zelda universe are vaguely named after the GerudA. Yes Geruda are from Hindu mythology, but Hinduism has influenced many cultures across Asia and specifically, Geruda show up very prominently in Thai theater-- that's what my Garuda are based on

Yes my Nomads are nomadic

But what about the androgynous bodies? I assumed that was part of the Gerudo inspiration. 
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

that wasn't inspired by the Gerudo, especially since I don't consider them very androgynous, but more amazonian

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super fascinating. is there some kind of fantasy mount you've developed yet that the giants and the other races of the south tend to prefer?
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar

Yes it's in development! I have a couple directions I'm looking at and have sketched down some ideas, but I haven't settled on one yet ^^;

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Based on this tv trope:… what kind of race-type would you consider your elves and the other races? They can be a combination of them.
GalacticNightSky99's avatar
How exactly do gender roles work in all races, including gender equality and sexuality? Also, how long do your humans live?
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Note sure why I never bothered to fave this series before, because I LOVE the concept. Most RPGs assume that regional variations of the non-human races will simply adapt local human variations in appearance and be done with it, I like that you put thought into what the regional variations of each major race would look like. :)
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
i'm so glad you appreciate it, thank you!! It's something I think is sorely missing from so many fantasy worlds, so i wanted to make it the main high concept of mine! :D
WickedPrince's avatar
Yeah I agree, even when the typical RPG world touches on regions that aren't based on fantasy Europe they paint the non-human races as being just their normal selves but with faces more like the local humans. I really like that you took them in new directions. Something I'm trying to imagine for a setting I'm playing with that cross-breeds standard D&D/Tolkien fantasy with Edgar Rice Burroughs "Planetary Romance." Where a lot of art-critics look at "bikini armor" as unrealistic I'm interested in creating a setting where full-plate battle armor is unrealistic because of the setting. So I'm taking a lot of pieces from different places and trying to fit them together like a puzzle. I like your idea that some creatures we D&D players tended to view as separate races are just regional variations of other races. It's a thought-provoking idea. :)
NintendoPonyAddict's avatar
To be fair, basing the Rohan off of Mongolians would be more logical than Vikings
peaachi's avatar
I noticed you hid a lot of comments,  totally understandable being that this may trigger some bigoted Tolkien fans, but I wish you left them so we could see their ignorance on display and address them
Dyemelikeasunset's avatar
Oof, tbh it's because it's bad for my stress levels. I don't like discussions happening on my art if I can help it ^^;
Thank you for your support though!
BellBlitzKing's avatar
So happy you included people of Color in your fantasy world art!

In games like World of Warcraft and even Lord of the Rings, Black people barely exist, East Asians barely exist, North Indians barely exist.
We can have dragons, sorcerers & all else but not people of color.

In real life, 71% of the world's population are people of color, with only 24% being strictly of European/White original.
Genetically-speaking we should see so much more variety in humanity in these fantasy worlds given real-world proportions of how humans evolved to be vibrant range of people & tones & cultures.
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