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.::Fairy Tale::.




你 哭 着 对 我 说
童 话 里 都 是 骗 人 的
我 不 可 能 是 你 的 王 子
也 许 你 不 会 懂
从 你 说 爱 我 以 后
我 的 天 空 星 星 都 亮 了

我 愿 变 成 童 话 里
你 爱 的 那 个 天 使
张 开 双 手 变 成 翅 膀 守 护 你
你 要 相 信
相 信 我 们 会 像 童 话 故 事 里
幸 福 和 快 乐 是 结 局

~”Tong Hua” by Guang Liang


You cried and told me
Fairy tales tell only lies
That I couldn’t possibly be your prince
But you don’t understand
Since the day you said you loved me
All the stars lit up in the sky

I will become that Angel
You love so much in fairy tales
Reach out my arms to become wings that protect you
You must believe
Believe that we will live a fairy tale
And have our happy ending


I had heard this song a few times before, but I recently started listening to it non-stop for some reason @_@;;

The lines I translated at the top are what really inspired this picture.
(and yes, the translation is a rough job done by me, it may or may not be perfectly accurate >_>;; )
*needs to brush up on her mandarin*

I do like the purity of this song's message, though it may be simple.
Simple = Sweet xD

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So beautiful! I love the wings and the ripples in the water :heart: