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A drawing I did of El yesterday :D

For those of you who were curious, she uses Ice Magic.
Everyone in this world is born under an elemental star, which decides their affiliation for the rest of their lives (only one element per person, even magic users can't learn outside of their element)
While everyone has magic abilities, it's something that has to be trained intensively. Some people will even take dangerous shortcuts, such as tattoos or magic runes and items, but those shortcuts have a risk of back-firing or overpowering the user... resulting in a mentally and magically unstable Elemental

Smug Bastard by Tyshea Elliel full body by Tyshea Fantasy Races: [2/4] Elves by Tyshea Disir full body by Tyshea
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I love the way you draw the background, it's not very detailed but manages to go very well with El even if she has so much awesome details !
The way you painted the glow of the blue objects is very effective too, it says "magic and power" while not being a show off. It lets us focus on El.
And her hair. And her eyes. AND HER ARMOUR ATVGYTFTSDRTOI *dies drooling*
It's sooooooo cool *o*
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Ahh thank you! ;v; I prefer my illustrations with a clear focus, especially if it means less effort on my part HAHA :icontearplz:
I'm so happy you like this though!
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Love her design so much x3
Especially her hair cut :D
it stands out so much ^^
But its her character that's her winning point ;D
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LOL that winning, smug personality :XD:
Happy you like her!
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A other awesome artwork
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so i have a question. do tattoos and those crystals glow depending on the element, like even though the tattoo is black it glows blue cause of the ice magic. does it do the same for the crystals, do they glow blue because of her magic, or beccause that is the color the crysstal is and they only glow the color they are?
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I'd imagine the crystals glow their own color, rather than the color of the element :)
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ok that is cool thank you, sorry if i had an incomprehensible wording
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You were fine! I understood it no problem!
Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you :)
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how do you go about deciding what element someone uses?
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It's whatever comes most naturally to them! I'm working on a magic chart to help people who are interested in making characters for this world :)
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This is awesome! I love the reflection of the glow off of her person.
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Thank you so much!
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Ooooh, cool. :D What a unique look.
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Thank you so much! :)
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I'm liking your style!  :D
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Anytime ! And keep it up !
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Oh shit I think I might wanna interrogate you guys about the elementals and how they work. 

the coloring and the lighting is excellent. One person in your stream mentioned the contrast between the simplicity of the background and the details in the armory and I think that really does SO MUCH for the picture. Also it really draws the eye DIRECTLY to her and her body and her armor. AND YET EVEN THEN you decide where we ought to look because the lines get crisper and the colors get more distinct further up her body and along the arrow and it's just. God it makes me so happy.

Also I am in love with El. I thought I should warn you. Goodbye now.
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You know how much we love sharing with you ;v;

I'm happy you think so though! I'm trying not to be lazy with my backgrounds,  but it really does help the focus doesn't it? LOL
My quest for environment illustration continues

Oh yes, I'm sure El would give you a good time :eyes:
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oh goodness I blush
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sososo, are all tattoos shortcuts ? or does El just have one ?
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