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A:CtS Cyberpunk AU Again



Piggy-backing off that last picture, here’s the assassins and their boss!

In order from left to right:
Kajur, Hiu, Chandra, Kou, Marduk, Shani, Yozu, Sei’zin, and Yama.
Along with Kye (the green-haired one in the other picture, for anyone not in the know), the assassins have a general planetary/solar system theme.
    Kajur being the Sun, Kye being Mercury, Hiu Venus, Chandra is the Moon (kind of Earth too, but more Moon-themed), Kou Mars, Marduk is Jupiter, Shani Saturn, Yozu Uranus, Sei Neptune (which is why we made them twins), and Yama is Pluto. They’re all ranked by Kajur’s favoritism.

Future fashion is so fun you guys I can’t even
also I should stop indulging in this AU /whispers into the wind

Also on Tumblr!
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Fantastic and stunning