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A:CtS Cyberpunk AU



Lately I’ve been really obsessed with Future Fashion (aka Post-Apoc or Cyberpunk or Neo Punk..honestly it doesn’t have a set name, so it must be a pretty new trend I guess haha) and I introduced it to my friend for a character of his. He ended up doing such a great job that I felt the itch to draw some myself LOL

And because Kye’s face-inspiration is a model for a lot of future fashion, I had the idea to put my two latest kicks together and this happened.

If we re-imagined CtS as a cyberpunk story instead of a fan-story, it’d honestly be about the same, which is surprising but cool.

    A couple of illegal traders get involved with the underground world of human trafficking and piss off a black market tycoon and her small army of assassins. In the midst of the chaos, a love affair blossoms and shit hits the fan.

Haha, enjoy this little AU!

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Absolutely gorgeous