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Gel Button Tutorial

Tutorial on how to make a gell button
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This article is very satisfying and helpful. This article has identical time to the blog topic exclusive and perfect. This is exactly what I was needed for. Thanks for your article.  Clipping Path
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thanks that help
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NP, glad it helps!
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Amazing tut bro...keep it up
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Thank you! I need to make a new tutorial or two. This one is so old.
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Nice and simple to understand. Much easier to do it with one layer than 5000! Thanks :D
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Great sutff! Thanks!

Note that gel is spelt with ONE L. Change you tag 'gell' to 'gel' to get more hits.
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thanks! and I changed lol. Never really payed that any attention...
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Thanks for posting this, it really helped me understand some of the blending options in PS. ^^
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no problem. Sorry for the year late reply but... you know...
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Could you do it in French, please?
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sorry but I don't know french, sorry
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