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Here Comes Trouble

Bambi and Ronno all ground up.
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ยฉ 2012 - 2021 dyb
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Bambi: Huh...didn't think I'd see you again.

Ronno: Sorry to disappoint the Great Prince...but I don't think you'll be disappointed to hear that I've met someone.

Bambi: Oh, really? Well, I wish her the best of luck in putting up with you and your ego.

Ronno: You pounded that ego into the dust years ago. I doubt it'll be a problem.

Bambi: (chuckles) I never thought I'd ever say this...ever...but I missed you, Ronno. I'm glad we're friends now.

Ronno: I am too, Bambi. I am too.

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This art is gorgeous, just stumbled across your art and love it <3
I really do like the render of Ronno with his curved antlers. Makes him appear bit devilish.
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I believe this information is correct: They're too close in age for one to be a "six-point buck" & the other a four-point. There is usually 1 "point" for each season of "rack" growth. They should have the same number of points but the "lay out" of the rack & the size varies from one individual to another (as you've shown to great success in this actually).
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The great prince vs the dark prince who will win...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚jk love the art and detail on them btw.๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
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I'd like to think that Ronno grew to be even more mature than what he was when he was younger. I think that he would be loyal to Bambi and they would be honest and nice to each other. Maybe Ronno would act like an uncle towards Bambi's children. Yes he "loves" Faline, but he now accepts that she loves Bambi. Yeah its nice my idea.
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I want to kill Ronno and eat him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because I hate him.
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umm, okay lol~
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i think bambi's nose would be longer
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Ronno may have bigger horns but to my eyes, Bambi looks like he has stronger horns.
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Bambi: What are you doing here?
Ronno: Ah nothing much, you know deer things. *Skakes head back and looks at Bambi* 
Bambi:Seen you have gotten bigger, since the last time I drove you off. 
Ronno: Haha! You mean the time I won? And you lost?
Bambi: Ah whatever. If you ever want a rematch, you know where to find me. 
Ronno: *Eye roll* Please, we both know I would win that *laughs* 
Bambi: Ah sure. Just remember who's Prince Of the Forest. 
Ronno: You mean the Prince who can't even fight? 
Ronno begins to walk off. 
Bambi: You're full of it. 
Ronno: *Turns head* All talk, aren't you little Bambi! *Laughs*
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Like how you made them more mature by not having Ronno throw repetitive insults at Bambi.
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I absolutely love how you made Ronno look a little rougher than Bambi.  It's so fitting.
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shshSHH act naturallll....!
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they are fabulous *^*
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Bambi: Well...hello Ronno.
Ronno: Hello.
Bambi: You grew up.
Ronno: too.
Bambi: Look at our horns now,they're huge.
Ronno: Yes,but my ones are bigger and sharper than yours,just like when we were kids.
Bambi: You know...we don't need to keep fighting.We're adults now,why don't we start to get along?
Ronno: Yes.It's worth trying.
Bambi: *lifts hoof* friends?
Ronno:...*Grabs Bambi's hoof* friends.
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kick his butt Bambi!!
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same, I didn't know until I watched #2, that the other one was ronno... then it all made sense :)... this is amazing, their both so handsome :)
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KICK HIM BAMBI! He deserved it for picking on you when you were younger!
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How come Bambi's head a little smaller than Ronno's? Was it the big fur?

Sorry for asking.
omg, Ronno is so handsome ^^ I'd love to see them meeting up when they're both this big again ^^
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*sighs* the quarrel continues. when will they become friendlier?
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I loved how they linked Bambi 1 and 2 together with Ronno. It wasn't until the second time I watched it that I realized that Ronno was the deer Bambi fought with for Feline in Bambi 1
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