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Published: June 25, 2012
Firstly....To be completely honest.....I LOVE this site...I really do. It's great place for people to share & see artwork and written work or all & every kind. It's really awesome.

Secondly - I know I've been getting a lot of THANK YOU'S for artwork I've favorited. I haven't gotten the chance to reply back to all of you....but I just want to say to everyone who's art I've favorited...Your stuff is GREAT!!! Keep up the good work!!! (Some of it is just amazing)

But to the point of this journal, I want to take this time to write an important notice about the various different things I upload/post on the site. The vast majority of the stuff I post IS NOT MINE. It is not mine, and I did not create it. Does this mean, however, that I am trying to steal other people's pictures and/or passing them off as mine own?....NO, I am not. The be honest, I do not even know who created most of the stuff I post, as I usually just come across them on my Facebook or Google searches. If I see something that I think is cool and/or funny...I post on here...thus sharing it in the hopes of other people enjoying it WITH me. To be clear, I am very conscientious about Plagiarism, believe me. I've had it drilled & hammered into my head the past 4 years (High School) through all the High Level Honors/AP English courses I've I've had enough experience to know where & when to give credit when credit is do. You can even see in some of the things I've put up that I say in the description "Credit goes to..." indicating that it's not mine. Sometimes I don't even know who made it because again, I just found it on Facebook & Google Images.

So I'll say this, in regards to 90% of the things I post:

They ARE NOT mine, and I give FULL 110% Credit to whoever made it.

Again, I'm simply trying to share these works, not steal them or pass it off as mine (I'm no graphic artist trust me).

Besides, would you honestly believe that I'm the kind of person that would enjoy stealing/plagiarising other's works??? That's just not true. I have more important things to worry about, such as preparing to enter Penn State in the fall as an Architectural Engineering Major, as well other issues in my life, than stealing & plagiarising others works and putting them on deviantart. I enjoy this site, and I'm all for giving the people that deserve credit, credit.

Thanks for the time.

Yours Truly,
Sean Sedor
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