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Signed Azula Photo by Grey Delisle by DXvsNWO1994 Signed Azula Photo by Grey Delisle :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 13 5 Azula - S.C.U.M. by DXvsNWO1994 Azula - S.C.U.M. :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 3 0
Avatar: The Search Thoughts/Ramblings
So yesterday I picked up Part 1 of The Search at a local comic book store, intrigued like everyone else about where Zuko's mother was and what ended up happening to Azula. I'm going to give some general thoughts/ramblings about what I think, now that I've read it.
WARNING: This does contain SPOILERS, so if have not read The Search: Part 1 yet, DON'T READ THIS!!! You have been warned....
So anyway, the story shows continuous flashbacks throughout about how Ursa came to be with Ozai. At the time, her romantic interests were with another man, named Ikem. It was discovered by Fire Lord Azulon that Ursa is a descendant of Avatar Roku, and decides to pay her & her family a visit. Someone (not sure if it was Azulon or Ozai) came up with the idea of having Ursa marry then Prince Ozai, thus creating a "powerful bloodline" that would be on the throne for many years to come. Ursa accepts, and we see an emotional goodbye between Ursa & Ikem, under the gaze of the Fire Lord.
Back in the present, we
:icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 1 9
Ring of S.C.U.M. by DXvsNWO1994 Ring of S.C.U.M. :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 1 0 Grey Delisle Mugshot by DXvsNWO1994 Grey Delisle Mugshot :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 4 0 Ring of Honor Final Battle 2012 - Ladder War IV by DXvsNWO1994 Ring of Honor Final Battle 2012 - Ladder War IV :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 4 0 Bolin walks in on John Cena and Eve during Raw by DXvsNWO1994 Bolin walks in on John Cena and Eve during Raw :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 3 0 Legend of Korra - Zack Ryder Rejected by DXvsNWO1994 Legend of Korra - Zack Ryder Rejected :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 1 1 Settling Accounts: In At The Death by DXvsNWO1994 Settling Accounts: In At The Death :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 2 0 Settling Accounts: The Grapple by DXvsNWO1994 Settling Accounts: The Grapple :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 2 0 Settling Accounts: Drive to the East by DXvsNWO1994 Settling Accounts: Drive to the East :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 5 0 Settling Accounts: Return Engagement by DXvsNWO1994 Settling Accounts: Return Engagement :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 2 0 American Empire: The Victorious Opposition by DXvsNWO1994 American Empire: The Victorious Opposition :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 6 1 American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold by DXvsNWO1994 American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 2 0 American Empire: Blood and Iron by DXvsNWO1994 American Empire: Blood and Iron :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 2 0 The Great War: Breakthroughs by DXvsNWO1994 The Great War: Breakthroughs :icondxvsnwo1994:DXvsNWO1994 2 0


Korrasami by DJune-y Korrasami :icondjune-y:DJune-y 307 16 Korrasami by Gumbat-Art Korrasami :icongumbat-art:Gumbat-Art 288 23 Awsami~! by Gumbat-Art Awsami~! :icongumbat-art:Gumbat-Art 296 23 Legend of Korra ~ Huan by CaptainRexSinatra Legend of Korra ~ Huan :iconcaptainrexsinatra:CaptainRexSinatra 9 0 Zaheer by FluttershyIsTheBestP Zaheer :iconfluttershyisthebestp:FluttershyIsTheBestP 11 0 Posse by kepperoni Posse :iconkepperoni:kepperoni 2,251 134 White Canary by Infinity1729 White Canary :iconinfinity1729:Infinity1729 67 3 Is She With You? by samanthadoodles Is She With You? :iconsamanthadoodles:samanthadoodles 215 8 Alex Danvers by samanthadoodles Alex Danvers :iconsamanthadoodles:samanthadoodles 59 9 Heir to the Demon by samanthadoodles Heir to the Demon :iconsamanthadoodles:samanthadoodles 52 6 White Canary by samanthadoodles White Canary :iconsamanthadoodles:samanthadoodles 61 2 azula by magwhite azula :iconmagwhite:magwhite 9 0 azula #2 by magwhite azula #2 :iconmagwhite:magwhite 11 0 Azula Study by Iago-Oliveira Azula Study :iconiago-oliveira:Iago-Oliveira 8 0 azula by scary-PANDA azula :iconscary-panda:scary-PANDA 258 6 Kuvira Fanart Re-Color by Soichirin Kuvira Fanart Re-Color :iconsoichirin:Soichirin 5 0


I'm a huge fan of pro-wrestling. I started watching WWE in 2004 and since then I've become a fan of many other promotions such as TNA, ROH, PWG, CHIKARA, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, and so much more!!! Over the years, I have amassed a collection of wrestling DVD's (WWE, some TNA, but mostly ROH and the other aforementioned indy promotions) and I've decided to post reviews of them in a blog! Here I review the shows/compilations, say what I thought was & wasn't good and whether it warrants a purchase. So please, if you're a fan of wrestling, or are looking into getting into certain companies but don't know which shows to start with, check out The Wrestling HUB Reviews Blog!!!

Here is a link to my blog:


Sean Sedor
United States
Nothing really special about me, i'm just your average american teenager.

PS: I now have a FOLLOW ME!!! @SASedor2994

I'm not planning on posting anything on here myself (maybe idk). I'm just going to use this to browse and/or like art I enjoy, since their is a lot of cool stuff on here. I plan to study in Architecture and/or Engineering in college so I figured getting an account here (on an "art" site) would be a good thing. I've actually been here before, but I decided to create an account so i can like artwork I find so it'll be easier to find

As you can tell by my profile pic/avatar thing (don't know what to call it), I'm a pro-wrestling fan (let the "pro wrestling is fake" comments commence). I mainly watch WWE (#1 wrestling company in the world, so obviously I like it), TNA (used to be a fan, now they just suck), and ROH aka Ring of Honor (THEY ARE AMAZING! DO WHAT EVER YOU CAN TO GET YOUR HANDS ON A ROH DVD!!)

I'm also a MAJOR fan of NASCAR (10 years plus). Very cool to watch when Jimmie Johnson isn't winning :( I should also mention I enjoy watching many other sports, including American Football (The Proper Name), Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, etc..

TV Shows: Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, The Simpsons, Anything on Fox created by Seth MacFarlane, Anything on the History, Discovery, Tru TV, Spike, USA, Weather, Speed, and Military Channels

Books: Timeline 191 Series (Highly Recommended for people who enjoy history, or in this case, Alternate History)

Movies: Avatar (The Blue Aliens), The Die Hard Saga, The Star Wars Saga, Any movie relating to Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and pretty much any other good action movie (To many to list)

Video Games (PS3 All the way! X-Box 360 Sucks): Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 & 2, Call of Duty (World At War, Modern Warfare 1, 2, 3, Black Ops), The Smackdown vs Raw Series (now just WWE 12, 13, etc...), Any Madden Game, Any game having to do with Auto Racing (mostly NASCAR)

Music (Too Many So Just My Top 10 Favorite Bands): Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, AC/DC, Seether, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Saliva, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Atreyu


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