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dhalsim vs. necro

By DXSinfinite
..........atlast .................:)
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battle of the stretchy dudes!
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[That would be an interesting fight, to say the least!  I'd love to see how they'd interact, especially because of their physical similarities.]
This would be from all the time from being on the lam Necro/Illia is so hell bent on revenge for what Gill's men had done to him.

He finally runs into Dhalsim, who has similar abilities to his fighting style, then he shows him the art of his Yoga, how hatred will ultimately destroy him. 

Dhalsim would teach him how to be moral, to be human again.
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Necro: Hey, freak face! How're you stretching like that? Did they do experiments on you too?

Dhalsim: I do not know what you are talking about, but it doesn't sound good!
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A perfect match. Mostly because that have similar traits.
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ive always wanted to see this fight happen :D it looks epic :D
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This illustration has faithfully as sense of the Beautiful,... Beautiful!

Eyes of the tonality of a White Dwarf Star.


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Wow this is good
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Beautiful! wonderful!
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i would love to see these 2 in the same game
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And they both have a female in the corner rooting for them. Hm.
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*gasp* This is beyond fantastic! I love Necro's facial expression, and i'd say....Dhalsim's about to get his bony-ass handed to him by one really pale Russian
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I like this pic of Dhalsim and Necro a lot, great job on this. It's nice to see Dhalsim and Necro interact for once, since it never happened in the games.
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Oh wow this is amazingly done! i love Necro. and this would be a cool fight to see! great artwork
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I realize character bios were never written for the SF3 series like they were for all the previous SF series, but I think I remember that Necro was supposed to (more or less), be around the same age as Yang, Yun, and Elena.
In this image he seems to look a little older.

Great pic!!
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This battle is about to explod!

very nice, man
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Great artwork!!
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Great image.

When you get a chance drop by my gallery i have some interesting SF images myself.
Thanks .
i can die happy now
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This is awesome! This drawing reminds me that only one thing is missing, Voldo from Soul Calibur!
But even still, its a badass artwork
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