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assassins creed

By DXSinfinite
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Hello there.

your amazing art will be posted here this week:
If not wanted, please message me or the page. Then we will delete it with respect.

Good day to you!
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this is kinda what i tought Desmond would look like if he survied ;P
he would be pretty bad ass
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Hey! I hope you don't mind, but I sketched this, and gave you the credit for the reference! :la:…
Saiyan-Valor's avatar
no, I should be the one thanking you, for making such an inspiring piece! :la:
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nice work dude respect the hood Ezio Auditore 
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I really enjoy how sharp the colors are, giving success to the detail!
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It can't be Altair because he has all of his fingers if, to were a hidden blade in Altair's time would have to result in cutting off your ring finger.
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My thoughts exactly! Still its pretty bucking awesome!
Wicked detail.. love it
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this is not Altair look at it hood, belt, tunic, gauntlet, throwing knifes, gloves and he has a scarf hes still a very cool assassin grate pic mate
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Really good. Frigin Epic
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Epicness all over this
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Altair only had one blade , not dual! D: ... well ... later when he became older he had 2 .. still amazing! ... PS: He has 10 fingers , not 9 xD
Naru-lum-lum's avatar
Isn't Altaïr supposed to have is left ring finger amputated?
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I just nerd-ed all over the place…this is freaking awesome!
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this is fucking awesome
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*slams the 'Add to Favorites' button*:|
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