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Name: Ishkay

Age: 1000+++?

Race: Unknown

Size: 1,83m

Scent: A rather fresh mix of neroli, dewfruit, thyme and a deep undertone of musk with a hint of amber.


Ishkay is one of the most patient people in all three worlds. He has to be considering he has to watch Sandro all day, making sure the boy doesn't just run off to chase butterflies or sweets again. It takes a LOT to cause him to grow frustrated and angry. He is serious and dutiful but at the same time has a rather warm side to himself after he started opening up with a person.


There isn't much to say about Ishkay's history... he became the Magi Sandro's servant and guard upon his arrival in Morrden. Ever since, he stayed by the necromancer's side, helping him in his duties as Magi and keeping the Silent City save. Since the Astral Breach, he often travels Ehana too, meeting with politicians, Kings and Queens,... he never sets a step into Itherion though.


  • Ishkay is a swordfighter. He has a large black sword, he can summon from his earring.
  • In Morrden it is very hard to defeat Ishkay. He is his strongest in the Silent City.... in Ehana his powers are rather weakened though, though his skill with the sword itself remains, no matter where he goes.
  • Ishkay never leaves Sandro's side for more then two weeks. He sometimes grows sick when being away from Morrden and his master too long.
  • Just as his Master, Ishkay learned how to play the piano and organ during his life in Morrden and enjoys doing so to distract and calm himself after a long day.
  • Ishkay usually wears a mixture between armor and kimono, though he sometimes wears more casual cloths too. He often is seen with his dark skull mask on though.
  • He isn't very good in taking heat... he'd chose a cool winter night over a warm beach trip any day.


  • Sandro Ris'tar: Ishkay is Sandro's personal servant ever since the young necromancer arrived in Morrden. He makes sure the boy takes his duties seriously while also taking a lot of work off his shoulders, often traveling in Sandro's name to handle politicians in Ehana. Ishkay values his master a lot, even though he almost drives him crazy on a regular basis...

  • Necrodin: Somehow, whenever Necrodin, Sandro's undead dragon conflux, appears, Ishkay disappears... Sandro assumes his servant and protector probably is scared of his conflux. Ah well, many people are, so he won't blame him.

*casually also links to this here in case it isn't obvious enough yet*

Necrodin sheet by Dx33x Sandro .:. Astral Breach by Dx33x

First sketch and face without mask:
Ishkay design sketch by Dx33x

((Ahahaha I was actually super lazy with that background... //SHOT))
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Hello, my name is Sherrard. I'm interested in using your art piece for a card game I'm creating called Solid Rock. Will you be willingly to let me use this drawing as one of my Characters? If you want to talk through email you can reach me at masterrodlee@gmail.com. My Facebook is Sherrard Thomas
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Hello! Thanks for your interest, however I'm afraid I got to decline, sorry.
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That's ok thanks for for your reply. If you ever become interested hit me up @ masterrodlee@gmail.com or sherrard thomas facebook or note.
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looks so stoic xD IS I guess.. *pats his head and tosses whores at him??*
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Well, pretty much all the things Sandro SHOULD be.... but totally isn't xD

PFFFFFFF You are really going off on that ONE time he told Itsuki he sometimes goes to Ehana for such things to get his mind off things xD LMFAOOOO
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PFFF THATS CAUSE YOU DONT RP WITH HIIIIM  *shoves him at your face a lot now*
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well when he IS there, he's just kinda.. there 8'D to move the plot. haven't seen personality with him yet
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Ishkay: .........that is my personality OTL

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Der Hintergrund, der kommt mit so bekannt vor. Warte mal *such such such* *10 Minuten später* Ahaaaa, habs nich in deiner Gallerie gefunden. Wolltest wohl alle Beweise vernichten. Aber auf youtube hab ichs gefunden hahahahaaaaa... :mwahaha: Ich habs doch gewusst. Ich sag nur "Esanneth" :P Du weißt genau, was ich meine :XD:
Aber passt hier auch gut rein (auch wenn er zum anderen doch etwas besser passt :)  Das ist schließlich eines meiner all time favourite von dir :D )

Ich finde das Design von diesem Char hier total toll :D Hat bissi was von Ninjas oder Samurai. Und seine Haare sehen so weich auch. Sooooo weich...mag anfassen.... *__*
Aber das Auge is gruselig...so gruselig, lieber nicht anfassen. Und nicht zu nahe ran, er hat ein Schwert...ein langes Schwert *bleibt auf Abstand*

Is das derselbe Ishkay, wie Sandro vorher auch hatte (also dieser Skelettdrache), oder hast du nur den Namen recycelt? :)
Dx33x's avatar
Hahah, ich hatte die Wahl zwischen relativ einfachem ein bis zwei farbigen BG, oder einfach ein altes Bild von mir schnappen und ein paar Sachen abändern damits zum Chara passt xDD
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Und du wärst FAST damit durchgekommen, wenn ich nicht so einen genialen kombinatorischen und detektivischen Verstand hätte :iconsunglassesplz:

Oh, btw: Schön, dass du das Uni-Zeug jetzt soweit geschafft hast :la: Ich bin so froh, mich nicht an ner Uni beworben zu haben. Man hat da wirklich nie frei. Entweder Vorlesungen, oder in den Ferien lernen bis zum Abwinken, dann Prüfungen und gleich wieder Vorlesungen. An der FH ist das viel gemütlicher: Vorlesungen, dann Prüfungen und dann 2 - 3 Monate herrliche Freiheit und nichts zu tun :sleepy:
Dann mal viel Spaß beim Zeichnen :huggle:
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Ishkay looks so great and the background is amazing as always!
You already know that I fell in love with him right away but I can't say it more often: He's my new fave xDDD
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<3 Glad you like it~~~~*HUGS* Und wir müssen sie unbedingt mal RPen xDDD Sandro kann ja Lucien UND Ishkay quälen =v=b
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