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Hi :wave:

Well, here is a iconset i've made , and i want to share with you :aww:

50 icons: 16px to 256px, ico and icns included.

*Update 05.21.12*
.New color added
.Glyphs fixed

Im not a icon designer but i hope you like it :nod:
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make for windows 7 please!
sorry for the ignorance but someone can say me how install this amazing icons?
Perdón la ignorancia pero ¿alguien me puede decir como instalarlos? Están geniales
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Holy son of a fuck, can you release the PSD's for these?
I've been trying to efficiently change the gray to a fluorescent green, and the only way to do that is to manually select the gray area.
The noise on the folder is too close to the icon to do it sneakily.
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oh man i'm so sad i lost everything on my HDD, sorry :( ,i will try to recreate those can you wait a few days?
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Yea, that isn't a problem.
Mac isn't my primary, and I found a nice wood theme.
I would like to make a nice cyberpunk theme that didn't go overboard, and would be perfectly okay with sending you various colour packs of them, once I figure out what masks look best.
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It looks awesome. nice work.... thank you.....
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How come there aren't any back/front/data icons here like in the SKY pack? It's a shame to have to use the generic folder for all of those if you use IconPackager.
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Cool the new version!
I will make the update to my blog!! :D
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very nice. thanks
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Thanks :bow: im glad you like it :aww:
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YESSSSS. Love that white version for my desktop.
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I'm glad you like it :aww:
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HOME icon missed
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Blogged, take a look if you will! ;)
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Thanks a lot mate :aww: , and yes i use Iconworkshop but i have a problem with os x icons, leopard and lion use 512px icons but i dont know how to import the 512 image :cries:, and i want to know because I want to upgrade this with a new color variation.
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can you be a little more precies please, you have a 512 px in windows format? What's your base icon? You can put the 512 px icon, with your mouse on the IW window directly!
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Nice, it seems that you use, like me, Axialis Iconworkshop, cause i see that the bmp is compressed! :D
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