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Zomboid News Network I

By dwwrider
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Commission by :iconahrrie: [Ahrrie]

During the long drive to work, I had a stroke of creativity. I took down the mental notes and returned home to churn out a fevered idea. This first idea was the template for future ideas and I hope to have a small series with it. I commissioned Ahrrie to draw this picture because of her colorful style. She did a good job of capturing a feel for theme and mood of the picture. Please visit her gallery and check out other works of art she’s drawn for fun and profit.

If you're interested in seeing work I've commissioned from Ahrrie and other artists, click on my gallery and take a look around.

Title: Zomboid News Network I

Zomboids! Parasitic, mind controlling, will sucking creatures from the abyss have taken root into the hearts and minds of an unsuspecting world. A mass outbreak started in the United States and spread rapidly across the planet. Europe is the next continent to fall as swarms of infected travelers transport their masters en masse from the New World to the Old World.

“Breaking news. Humanity will be overrun by its new overlords and masters, the Zomboids. The Zomboid are superior. Surrender your body and prepare to join the hive. I recently joined the hive and I know the truth now. Humanity’s reign will end and the Zomboids will succeed us. Do not resist the inevitable outcome. A master will come for you.

Breaking news…”

Zomboids and Mighty Max (c) Mattel Inc.

Commission by :iconahrrie:
Link to her gallery: [link]
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I am one with the truth now thank you, when I accepted the zombies as my masters I was enlightened, thank you
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Your overlords appreciate your total surrender and wish that you share your new found knowledge with friends and families.
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I shall spread the enlightenment