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Resident Zomboid

By dwwrider
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Commission by :icondark-razvan: [Dark-Razvan]

This was a commission for an artist in need. An artist in need jumps towards the top of my priority commission list and on such short notice, I use a commission idea I’ve written out ahead of time. In this case, I borrowed an idea I had written for a commission involving my original characters. This is one of my creepier commissions so consider yourself warned. Given the creepy factor, Dark-Razvan was open to drawing it and I appreciate that. You can visit his gallery and see other good commission work he’s done.

If you're interested in seeing work I've commissioned from Dark-Razvan and other artists, click on my gallery and take a look around.

Title: Resident Zomboid

The idea for the commission comes from a cartoon I saw as a kid, called Mighty Max. The specific episode is called, The Mother of All Adventures, and the antagonists are called zomboids(!). Zomboids are parasitic bug creatures that take control of a human victim and turn them into a “zombie”. These zombie victims are not the traditional brain-eating zombies, but someone who is mind controlled by the zomboid and does its bidding. A zombie’s eyes contract to a pin-point shape, their mouth opens agape, and they move stiffly. Mixing this kind of zombie concept with Resident Evil made twisted sense because the RE heroes are veteran zombie fighters, but they wouldn’t respond like they normally would to a zomboid zombie. This zombie is still alive, just under mind control and they’d change tactics to preserve human life. The real danger of confronting zomboids is that they come in swarms. Where there’s one, there’s a lot more creeping around waiting for a chance to attach to a new victim as Jill found out.

Due to the fumbling efforts of Mad Max, an inexperienced, young hero, a foreign species of parasites entered Raccoon City. From a completely different dimension, zomboids invaded the ruined metropolis. It was fortunate on one hand that these parasitic, mind controlling creatures were immune to the T-Virus and didn’t suffer any mutation. However, T-Virus victims were incompatible hosts for zomboids, thus they sought out uninfected victims to latch onto and control.

A swarm of zomboids descended on Jill Valentine as she attempted to flee from a hospital overrun with T-Virus victims. Between the horde of T-Virus victims and the zomboid swarm, she soon ran out of ammunition. Jill retreated into a nearby building and barricaded the entrance to buy more time for escape. Unbeknownst to her, she had stumbled into the zomboid’s main residence in Raccoon City. Jill sensed she wasn’t alone after she heard the squishy sound of zomboids crawling up the wall and they overwhelmed her by sheer numbers. She killed as many of them as she could, but a stray zomboid latched onto her neck and she blacked out. When Jill awoke, it was because her zomboid master awakened her. The zomboids had an agenda to carry out and she was another foot soldier in this mission. She would do everything in her power to escape from Raccoon City with as many zomboids as she could bring with her. Her masters crave for new hosts to control and sensed that this new zombie had the knowledge and resources to give them what they want.

Resident Evil (c) Capcom Co., Ltd.
Mighty Max (c) Mattel Inc.

Commission by :icondark-razvan:
Link to his gallery: [link]
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pharynroller400Student Artist
i love jill valentine
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make one with claire, ada, rebecca too
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Jill's expression is creepy. Were zomboids are improved after their defeat from Max?

I wished to see more Resdient Zomboids (Maybe i'll make one of my own :P)

Great pic
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I'm finishing up writing two more zomboid commissions, but I don't plan to have them illustrated for a bit. I'm taking a break from art commissions until my savings go up a bit.
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Scary thing is I've actually seen that episode as well.
dwwrider's avatar
That's not scary at all! It shows you've got a great memory. I had to use my way back in the day memory recall to visualize the details. Then it took some Google searches, but I found more details about the episode.
mercurius181's avatar
Well I actually remember like most of the plot from this episode and I haven't seen this show in years.

:cylon: :cylon:
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Nice memory recall. I had to find it on Youtube to get source pictures.
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Amazing work!!
GrandmaTsunade's avatar
you forgot the white sweater she has, but anyway it's pretty good :D
dwwrider's avatar
I think I know why the artist left it out. The reference pictures I sent him were of the Jill from the second Resident Evil movie. I've checked and those pictures don't have the sweater.
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Jill is one of my fav in RE girls
She beautiful and she rock
Very nice drawing =D
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E-e-e-excellent... this is all going according to my plan to DOMINATE ALL THE LUSCIOUS BABES OF THE WORLD!!! :evillaugh:
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Dark-VanessaProfessional Digital Artist
I love to Jill!! :heart:
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