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Mojovision IV by dwwrider Mojovision IV by dwwrider
Commission by :iconjohnbecaro: [John Becaro]

I want to thank John Becaro for being a trooper about this commission.  He has endured many personal trials at home and incidents completely out of his control.  
His country endured a massive hurricane and he still went out of his way to keep in touch with his commissioners and finish their work.  He’s a good artist with a good head on his shoulders.  Please visit his gallery and give him a salute.

If you're interested in seeing work I've commissioned from John Becaro and other artists, click on my gallery and take a look around.

Title: Mojovision IV

Mojo requires all future employees, interested parties, researchers, and captured personnel to share in his Mojovision prior to speaking to him directly.  Mojo finds this cuts down on potential lawsuits, reasonable conversations, assassination attempts, and anything otherwise inconvenient to him.

From time to time, Veronica was allowed to pick a subject to research.  After the Mojo incident on campus, she had a nagging feeling about it all.  There had to be a reason why an interdimensional despot chose their school.  Out of all the schools in the world, he picked theirs.  The only way to get more information was to petition Mojo himself, but that wasn’t going to be an easy task.  A requirement of all visitors to the Mojoverse was a special viewing through Mojovision.  It took some haggling, but Melissa found herself dragged along as the graduate student’s supervisor.  Strapped together in the same holding pen, they received a full dose of Mojovision and more.

Melissa Greene and Veronica Handelsman (c) dwwrider

Commission by :iconjohnbecaro:
Link to his gallery:… and…
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