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Heavy Flesh

By dwwrider
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Commission by :iconharibon: [haribon]

Haribon had a special commission sale and I jumped on the bandwagon because he’s a fantastic artist. He’s done great work for me in the past and I want to continue commissioning someone like that. He’s working with other artists from the Philippines to help publish their own work and make a big splash in the comic industry. Please show him your appreciation by going to his gallery and checking out what else he’s drawn.

If you're interested in seeing work I've commissioned from haribon and other artists, click on my gallery and take a look around.

Title: Heavy Flesh

This commission was inspired by a story written by William Lee, titled Heavy Flesh. I put a different spin on it than the original tale and I hope this commission honors it.

miranda obeyed. she was heavy flesh and heavy flesh served light flesh. light flesh was superior. light flesh spoke orders in her mind and she obeyed without question, without forethought. it instructed her to tell the heavy flesh on the other end of the phone that there was nothing to worry about.

“There’s nothing to worry about operator.” light flesh prompted her to speak again. “I confused the branches hitting my window for an intruder. Everything’s fine, there’s no emergency.” miranda heard the heavy flesh on the other end ask a question, but her mind was too far gone to process it: light flesh did that for her instead. “No operator, I assure you everything is fine. You don’t need to send a patrolman to my house. If anything else happens, I promise I’ll call 911 again.” light flesh ordered Miranda to hang up the phone and she obeyed.

it was pleasure to obey light flesh, since heavy flesh was inferior to light flesh. light flesh evolved beyond the scope of human understanding and knowledge, making it the superior being. heavy flesh were mindless savages compared to light flesh and once properly instructed, heavy flesh would learn to obey its superior rival. it was bliss to obey. heavy flesh obeyed light flesh and it was rewarded.

Heavy Flesh (c) William Lee

Commission by :iconharibon:
Link to his gallery: [link]
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do you have the original story
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I don't have the original story.  The original story can be accessed at The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.  It's written by William Lee, and can be found in the sci-fi section (a narrower search than other categories it's also classified under).
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reminds me of the parasyte anime/manga...