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Twily Linux Desktop v4

By dwv91
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Arch Linux w/ Openbox & PyPanel bmpanel2.

Using my own script for quick manual tiling of windows in floating WMs
 >> short WebM's preview of how i tile in Openbox

Firefox Nightly (Australis) [v31.0a1] and 4-Chan with my CSS. Using Vimperator for navigation.

Terminal (URxvt-256color) with irssi, ncmpcpp + mpd, pipesX and screenfetch.

Font is Droid Sans (Mono) 10 w/ infinality settings by Kori….


Openbox Theme…
Gtk2 Theme…
(Both themes have been customized and my configs for them can be found in the link below)

Files for this desktop can be found @
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© 2014 - 2021 dwv91
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This looks awesome!
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thank you :^)
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I like how tiling works with this one but I have a problem on how to bind keys with the grid script. The instruction is

Bind key W-A-KP_[1-9] to "grid 1 [1-9]"
Bind key W-KP_[1-9]   to "grid 2 [1-9]"
Bind key W-C-KP_[1-9] to "grid 3 [1-9]"

My question is how to do this? What program do I use?
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if you are using it w/ openbox you can search for 'grid' in this file and copy those (you may need to change the path to the file unless you have it in ~/scripts/grid as well)

alternatively sxhkd may be used for keybinds but i had issues w/ it on openbox, it's better suited for more minimal wms i think

also for using the more advanced grid extensions (ext.grid etc) openbox will also need to be patched to remove the size hints on terminals and auto scale to aspect ratio on mpv/mplayer (instructions for that can be found in the ext.grid file tho it's not necessary for just using the 'grid' script)
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I'm using your firefox-css and have enabled the URL bar at the bottom, but can I somehow make it not overlap stuff? Like if I search on page it will show up below the bar.
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in the :root selector below the urlbar settings:
try changing the "margin-bottom: 0 /* var(--url-height) */ !important;" into "margin-bottom: /* 0 */ var(--url-height) !important;"

i haven't done much testing w/ the urlbar on bottom since i use vimperator, but i think this should fix the overlapping issue at least
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Thanks man, that fixed the overlapping issue, though now I have this colored line just above it, it's something I can deal with though.…
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well i got a fix for that too, requires a bit more changes tho

for the line on top try changing the margin-top: -0px in #urlbar-wrapper to -1px
(you can search the css for 'adjust margin-top to' to find it easier)

and for the line to left of the urlbar you'll need to change the left: 0 (below the margin-top you just changed) to left: -1px
after this there will be a 1px line on the right side instead, just change the --url-right-margin: 5px to 6px in the urlbar settings at the top of the css
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Love how your windows tile, is it possible with Awesomewm, or did you give up awesome for openbox for this reason?
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my current tiling script make use of the EWMH atoms to place/resize windows which means it should work across all wms listed here….
(awesomewm should be able to tile in any layout on it's own tho).

the reason i left awesomewm was just to try a floating wm again, but once i started to miss the tiling i made the tiling script which works similar to WinSplit on window, in order to have the feature of tiling in floating mode.
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I preferred the one you posted on the desktop thread..still looks nice though. anyway update your website fag.
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Thanks, I like having the wall visible as well but this wall isn't allowed on /g/ so guess I got to keep that version of it here.
Planning on updating my site soon too but need some time, got a full time job as well and there's been some late nights w/ lots of overtime lately.
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Your Firefox looks gorgeous!
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excellent work
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The Firefox theme is excellent. Well done.
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Thank you, still got some minor glitches in it that may appear at times (but none that would require a restart as far as i know), and some parts of the code have yet to be integrated with the dynamic css variables.
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I really like this one, and I think it would even look great with a light theme/invert.
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Thank you~, might try that out at some point, gonna stick to improving the dark version for now i think tho.
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