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Tiamat, Mother of Monsters


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Alexander the Great

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Struthiomimus and Struthio

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Tiamat, Mother of Monsters


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Sketches from Sketchbook No. 14 and 15

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Her Name

They use her name but they do not know her and she does not know them. They move like a pack of hyenas, destroying cities and places of worship, spilling innocent blood and spitting on the downtrodden, the very people she lives to protect. She screams with rage from the deepest pit of the Duat, cursing the mortals who dare profane her name. She was the great goddess. Mother. Midwife. Creator. Healer. Queen of Heaven. Her breasts swelled with life-giving milk and her tears flooded the fields and gave sustenance to her children. But she was the patron of the downtrodden and enslaved, and when the Hebrews invoked their great and terrible God a

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