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Caption by the wonderful MollyLolly1 
Original bondage celeb edits by DoctorDrWho


Ariel felt an effervescent chill roll down her throat as she let the Sauvignon slip down while she drained the glass. She felt like she was floating as she skipped up the stairs and towards her “guests'” room. She paused by the mirror on the landing, brushing her now blonde hair away from her eyes.

“I don’t know if this is me exactly, but I’m so glad I did this” She whispered, cracking a wry grin as she held Emma’s phone up. The password had been harder to crack than she expected, but that was really Ariel's fault. “I can’t believe how much credit I gave the little snot...” She giggled internally. After all, 0000 was so nakedly obvious that she should have punched that in first.

Setting the glass on a small table beneath the mirror she walked up to the last few steps and approached the bolted door. Taking a moment to unlock each of the four bolts, she braced herself. She curled forward, lowering herself towards the handle, and forced the door open.

As it slammed against the far wall, she heard her pulse racing through her ears. She looked from side to side, and waited in the threshold. Part of her expected to hear a whimper or a whine, but as the silence grew, so did her smile.
Shifting her weight forward, Ariel slowly brought her head into the room. Her blonde hair slipped off of her shoulder fanning out as it fell into place. There on the small bed sat her bound ‘friends.’

Emma had sat up, and was facing the door, Jenna was still hogtied and resting near her new roommate on her belly. “Hi girls!” Ariel sang, skipping into the small room. Flopping onto the bed, nearest the window, the blonde turned, and held up Emma’s phone. She burst into a fit of laughter. Jenna could probably lie on the thing with little difficulty, tied up as she was.

“Guess what squirts, Emma’s phone is unlocked! You know what that means right?”

Holding the phone up, she turned on the camera, activating the front facing lens. She could see herself, and her two tiny guests on the screen. Tapping the shutter icon, she snapped a photo. “Oooh, that came out lovely. Don’t you agree?” Ariel sneered, and lowered the phone to her lap. Pressing the rainbow colored icon, she opened Emma’s Instagram. “Ooh, now what do you think girls? Should Emma’s followers get a lil looksie at your new lives?”
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Wonderful!, Iva! Love this!

Kara :)

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