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Case Closed

Caption by the amazing MollyLolly1
Its possible I missed others - please cite them if so!


“Three’s a conspiracy.” Ivana muttered to herself, as she pulled up to the modest home. Exiting the Uber, she braced as a wave of cold air hit her. She nodded to the driver and removed one of her gloves, to begin sending him a tip. “Twelve?!” A push notification slid down onto the top of her screen, the headmaster had sent another panicked email.

The administrator grumbled to herself, dismissing the email unread as she climbed the stairs to the bright porch. “This is why I hate young teachers.” She hissed, slipping her phone into her purse. Lifting a hand, she rapped on the door. Drawing her scarf tighter, she saw a shadow crosse by the sidelight. A sheer curtain pulled aside slightly. A girls face appeared, quickly breaking into a broad tightlipped smile.

Ivana shuddered, her skin tingled as it crawled along the inside of her clothes. “Ugh, the delinquent...” She groaned inwardly as she watched the door swing open. “Good day Mckenna!” She sang as cheerfully as possible. “Your parents home?”

The girl shook her head. “No. Who’s asking?” She smirked.

Ivana bit her tongue, practically tasting copper as she forced herself to stay smiling. “My name is Ms. Sitni. I work for McKillop Academy.”

The girl’s smile grew wider, coiling like some creepy cartoon. “Oh! You’re looking for Miss Gillan right?”

The administrator sighed, and nodded. ‘A gossip...’ She mused to herself.

“Yes.” She squared her shoulders. Setting her jaw, she looked down at her bag. The teachers had been missing for months, the school couldn’t hide the disappearances for long. Before they spoke with Metro, the school needed something for the knuckledraggers to start with.

“We do need to speak with your parents but…” She said finally, her chest felt tight.

‘This is a bad idea Ivy...’ She heard her wife’s voice chide her subconsciously.

She slowly blinked her eyes, and tilted her head back. “ you think you could answer a couple of questions for me?”

The girl looked from side to side, before stepping aside. “Sure, wanna come in? I just made some tea. Would you like a cup?

Stepping inside, close enough to make the petite girl shift slightly to avoid colliding with her purse. She slipped her coat off and hung it on the coatrack, she paused, looking at a mountain of labeled cardboard boxes lining the foyer wall. “Yes please, doing some spring cleaning?”

“Nuh uh, getting ready for the move. We’re going to the States in a couple of weeks.” McKenna beamed as she padded down the hall into the kitchen. Ivana looked at the boxes, noting that the house was in complete disarray. Boxes piled high, labels scrawled violently on the sides with broad black ink.
Stepping lightly after the petite senior, Ivana let her gaze dawdle on the boxes as she passed. ‘I didn’t know she was leaving...curious...’

McKenna was setting the kettle down on the counter, and emptying a packet of sugar into the liquid. Ivana grimaced, she’d been so careful lately. Steeling herself she smiled as she accepted the mug. ‘I need answers, suck it up.’ she told herself.

“Thank you so much McKenna, are you excited for the move?”

The girl nodded excitedly. “Absolutely, no offense but McKillop is a total disaster. I’m excited to go to a school where I don’t have to wear a stupid uniform everyday.” The teen said, passing the administrator and moving down the hall.

‘We’ll be glad to be rid of you too.’ She hissed following the teen.

“I suppose I get it, we’re very sorry to see you go. But I suppose a girl your age doesn’t have much choice in these things.” Ivana jabbed.

McKenna’s stride faltered almost imperceptibly, but she continued onward, heading towards a narrow staircase. “Ordinarily I guess, but Mom’s extremely eager to move, and Ms. Gillan made her decision easier.”

Ivana sipped greedily from the mug as she followed the girl. Her pleated skirt swaying, guiding Ivana up behind her. “You know, it’s funny you mention her.” She paused for a moment, feeling a pleasant tingling on her tongue. “Oooh, this tea is delicious.” She sang, reaching the landing then following McKenna towards a study at the far end of the hall.

“You see, Ms. Gillan and a few other teachers have gone missing lately and you’re the last person to have seen them.” Ivana prodded, McKenna paused at the threshold of the room. Turning to face the much taller woman.

“I see. You think I had something to do with that?” She challenged. Her eye’s twinkling with something between smugness and fear. Ivana felt her own lips curl, looking at the tiny girl.

Ivana took another gulp, the tea wasn’t quite as scalding as it was a moment ago, but still almost pristine. The taste was perfect, a blend of chai and something else. ‘Haughty little bitch.’ She thought to herself.

“Twelve missing women is a bit beyond your talents, McKenna.” she chided, finishing the mug. McKenna nodded, and pushed the door aside.

“So what do you think I can do for you? Have a seat would you?” She opened the door and gestured inside. Ivana smirked and closed her eyes, stepping past the little brat. She noted a few dolls scattered about as she made her way to a chair and sat down. A burning tingle ran along the nape of her neck, sweat catching and drying against her light scarf. She slowly lifted a heavy hand and tugged it slightly loose.

She swallowed hard. Despite the delicious tea, her mouth felt like it was full of butter. She let out a slow breath and eventually managed to speak. “I just want to know if you have any idea where any of them went after…”

She leaned against the arm of her chair, despite a little dizziness, one of the dolls looked like Ms. Gillan, resting on the edge of the desk. “What…” Ivana said, holding her temple with one hand. “Why do you have a…”

With a strange, almost ethereal motion, the doll moved. Ivana jumped in her seat, one of her boots slipping on her heel. “...a...that doll looks…”

“Hi Ivy.” Came a tinny tiny facsimile of Ms. Gillan’s voice. Ivana leaned forward in her chair, her feet swaying under the seat of the chair. “Sorry you got caught up in this.”

The doll’s voice quavered, her little face turning to the floor. Ivana’s gaze flitted about the room, exacerbating her vertigo. Each doll was dressed professionally, but was bound curiously. One of the larger dolls near the large drawer of the studies desk jerked and twisted, then cowered as McKenna strode past. When it craned it’s face upwards, Ivana gasped. Audibly.

“Ms. Coleman!?” She croaked, she tottered in her seat, crumpling against the arm of her chair. It felt so uncomfortable…

McKenna sat in her chair, coyly crossing her legs. “You’re perhaps more clever than you look Ms. Sitni.” Her voice was sharp, and as it rumbled through the ailing woman, she thought it sounded deeper? “That won’t do. Karen, what’s her first name?”

The red headed doll straightened, and leaned forward on the edge of the desk. “Ivana, Mistress.”

Ivana’s jaw dropped to the floor, her eyes flitting from the doll to the teen. She seemed different, more intimidating though she couldn’t quite place why.

“Oh Ivana, lovely name. You’re going to make an adorable little toy. Should I leave her as large as Jenna here? Smaller perhaps?”

As if to punctuate the thought, Ivana felt a breeze on her foot, before a loud thud drew her gaze slowly down to the floor. Her boots looked enormous, larger than her brothers at least. ‘Is that my foot..?’ She mused, wiggling her toes.

She looked at the growing teen, a chill rolling down her spine as she straightened in her seat, before she could speak, to scream, McKenna leaned forward and placed a finger to her lips. “Ah ah ah. First rule, talking out of turn is bad. For you.” Her smirking face came closer and closer. Ivana could almost see McKenna’s face grow, even after she stopped moving. “Second rule, you refer to me as Mistress, Ms. Fae, or owner.”

Ivana’s mind whirled, but she was having trouble pulling away, her body felt like it was stuck in molasses. She wanted to speak, but her lips were pressed firmly against the teens finger. “Good girl Ivy, I think I’ll leave you at Jenna’s size for the time being. I can always shrink you two as we get closer to the move.”

Ivana felt tears stream out of her eyes, her breathing quickened. The horrid girl leaned Ivana against the back of the chair, slowly peeling the growing clothing from the sedate administrator. McKenna looked enormous, Ivana guessed that McKenna looked nine feet tall.

“McKenna finished stripping the dwindling woman, and then turned round to the desk. She tossed Ivana’s garments to the far wall, and then picked Karen up. “Alright Kiki, watch Ivy here while I fetch her some more appropriate clothes.”

The red head was set on the growing arm of the chair. “Yes Mistress.” She chimed, seeming genuinely excited to have the task. McKenna disappeared, Ivana’s head began to slip down off of the back of the chair as the arms rose higher above her. Weakly, Ivana reached up towards her subordinate. Karen reached out, and then reeled back. “Sorry Ivana, Mistress would be mad.”

Ivana screamed internally, only managing to whimper outside of herself. She felt her calves slip over the edge of the seat. Her vision began to darken, she could barely hear a thing as sleep pressed in on all sides. Her now tiny body went completely limp as she watched the dark shadow of the once petite teen reappear. She barely processed the small garment bag in the teens hands before she fell fast asleep.
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Kdollgirl777's avatar

LOVE the story and the image! Beautifully done! I have counted 12 Little Ones so far! My fave is the little blonde below the fireplace. That could be me! As a teacher, I naturally adore stories with shrunken teachers!

Kara :)

Dwindling-Iva's avatar

Thanks so much! I believe twelve was the victim count... @MollyLolly1 is the author of this one and she did amazing work on it.`

Kdollgirl777's avatar
Stigg-Macwitter's avatar

I loved playing "spot the SW" in this picture! Great story, btw!

Dwindling-Iva's avatar

So glad you like it, thank you! Did you find them all?

Stigg-Macwitter's avatar

I THINK so. Now I'm going to have go over it again! ;)

Dwindling-Iva's avatar

Let me know how you go!

johnmadixsmith's avatar

Amazing! One of your best 😀

Dwindling-Iva's avatar

Oh! High praise indeed! Thank you! <3

Badger2020's avatar

Wonderful story and image, great details :-)

Dwindling-Iva's avatar

Thank you so much for the comment! Do you have a favourite victim?

AutumnBaileyCaps's avatar

Oh, I LOVE this! The writing is so wonderfully descriptive, and the image sets it off perfectly — I’m still finding little ones in the background! Superb! 😘

Dwindling-Iva's avatar

AHH thank you! @MollyLolly1 is the writer of this piece and she did an incredible job. <3

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