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Another snake guy, not unlike Qoolsa, just pug-uglier,hahaha. anyway, it's done for L5R CCG and i really had fun painting this guy, hope you like im :)
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my name is rob and i was wondering if i could use your pic .I would of course give you credit. its obvious.awesome pic
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the coloring is just wonderful as well
youve got some real talent there :D
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A very interesting Naga... Very well done!!
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the only snake-humanoid-thing that i liked was the hydralisk from star-whatever by blizzard. but this is pretty damn good.
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thanks man, as long as it's creepy and scares the beejeezus out of people, i'm IN! :) hahahaha
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GOOD MAN! i love the way you think!
*high fives*
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It's good to have goals *G*
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of course it is! thats why there is a checkered flag!
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dude, it looks awesome! only point of note is that this is not a naga. it's more of a yuan-ti. nagas are just snakes with human heads. yuan-ti are snake people and can have varying human and snake like appearances such as: scales, snake head, snakes instead of arms, no legs only tail, legs AND a tail... like i said, it's still fresh.
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Scares the begeezus outta me :omg: And that lighting ain't making it any prettier. :XD:

'ika nga ni Faaroq:

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LostSiren's avatar that tail! :+fav:
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Great work! He would make me have bladder control issues if I met him in person. ;)
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so this is where youve been lol
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The Qelsaurth is amazing!!! I like his intimidating area ... and the colours are wonderful ... definitively, I like this picture!!!
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Oh man, this was totally worth the wait! >.< I really love how you put so much detail into his (its?) face and beefcake arms, but leave it loose at the tail and it still registers as scales when you take it in all at once. My eyes are drawn to the left arm (our left), those veins and the lighting and the texture are just fantastic.

... Wait, wait, is he wading in a blood river? o.o
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Never underestimate a disgruntled ugly abomination :D
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