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Abaddon the Endbringer

Created for RIFT,-Design A Colossus contest. Had a lot of fun with this beast.
It's basically your nightmares come alive a thousand fold. It's massive wings can shatter cities and its hide is near impenetrable. Fueled by the fear of the inhabitants of the six planes, Abaddon is also known as the Endbringer-A being of such destructive force and power that chaos and death follows its every step. A force that even the other colossal monsters will have a very hard time taking down. Are we ready for the Endbringer? :)
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Satan: Hey, little bro. No offense, scare the shit out of me.

Abaddon: You're the physical manifestation of all evil.

Satan: Yeah, and you scare the shit out of me! So, we'll be in hell, and you stay in this bottomless pit. Kaythnxbye!

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A bit different from the Abaddon in Dark Siders, designed by Joe Mad... Really cool stuff. I really like the design of his wings... those eyes... and teeth... And what-not.
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Nice work . . . . :)
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Very well done, also he looks like something big, I like the head the most.
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Well done. He looks like he's describe as the essence of fear.
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Nice work! I'm glad you came out of hiding once more to grace us with your art!
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holy shit it's like he's the king of darkness
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ayun idol! sumali din hehe! lufet!
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Wow, amazing! Great work! :clap:
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pretty awesome looking, dude! love the concept!
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