My Beating Heart

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My toes caressed the hardwood hall
Each midnight since I heard the call
Of love’s sweet song which conquers all
Except my beating heart

‘Twas springtime last since I had seen
Her silhouette in hues of green
And all fell still for my sweet queen
Except my beating heart

We kissed beneath the apple tree
Her words, enchanting melodies,
Bewitched my ear and set me free,
Free from my beating heart

Our passion forced us to obey
And so we planned to run away
Regardless, what our families say,
We’d join our beating hearts

We promised we would meet that night
Beneath our tree, bathed in moonlight,
But stillness covered all in sight
Except my beating heart

In pain without her in my arms
I’d heard it that she’d come to harm
But I knew Death and all his charms
Can’t still her beating heart

Night by night I search; I’m bound,
I join my sorrow on the ground
Silence: all that’s to be found…
In my once beating heart
© 2013 - 2021 DwightEvanYoung
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