Drama in Aisle 5

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Her gaze split him to the core
But he was resolute.
They’d been there before.

He could feel it
A single word that crept,
It slithered over her tongue,
It crawled between her teeth
And took refuge behind her lips
Waiting for the right time
Waiting to strike
To pierce his hopes like a dagger
To kill him a thousand times over
He begged silently

He could feel it
With his whole being, he felt it.
Without even leaving her mouth,
He felt it.
From a malleable thought
It solidified
It hardened
Like a stone
Like the lump growing in his throat


It needn’t be said.
It was apparent.
His gaze remained true as he accepted the unspoken answer
A single tear formed in his eye
Then dampened his cheek.

With a sigh of resignation, she replied:
“Fine, I’ll get the Cocoa Puffs.”
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