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These pens of quill
This lens we fill
Of pornography
Not of the body,
But of the mind
We waste our time
Telling the world not who we are,
But who we did:
Shakespeare & Mamet
O’Neill & Beckett
We vomit their words,
You want art here?
Forget it!

And when we share who we are,
When we care who we are,
We get ridiculed for feeling,
Revealing our heart
Revealing our hell and
Revealing our art.

And God forbid that we’re good
God forbid that we’re witty
God forbid that we’re talented, driven, or pretty
Cause they’ll make us a brand
As they grin – cash in hand
They say
“Shut up
Kid it’s just luck
That we like you enough
To sell your shit to make a quick buck”

But they don’t give a fuck
About your art or your soul
And they don’t give a fuck
That your heart’s now a hole.
© 2013 - 2020 DwightEvanYoung
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