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Wulfgard: Wrath and Fire

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He had never dreamed that any one creature was capable of such fury. And now he was watching two. The rage of the first one he could understand, for it was a demon, a physical manifestation of purest Wrath summoned from the depths of Hel. Its skin was a nightmarish red, covered in black barbs and spines; its eyes burned with an otherworldly red light; and the very air around it rippled from its heat. It was terrifying.

But so was the knight who fought. He couldn't believe that a man's rage could rival a demon of Wrath, but this man was nearly a match. The berserkers of the North would have envied his ability to focus his fury and unleash it. He wore little armor, dressed as he was in the panoply of an old Achaean hoplite, his bare muscular arms glistening with sweat. HIs twin blades cut the air, black and smoking with demon blood, as he dodged and ducked under the monster's talons.

The sight was terrifying, and it was moving this way. The two battling shapes kept inching toward him as he lay there, unable to move. He could feel the heat of the tremendous demon as it towered above him, glowing red against the dark night sky. Then the furious knight's blades flashed across his vision, cutting the demon's throat. Boiling black blood spilled out, and he felt it fall onto his skin, searing his flesh. He could smell it...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~Wulfgard, Knightfall
, by Maegan A. Stebbins and Justin R. R. Stebbins


So, Saber Scorpion is hosting another Elemental Contest, this one having a Fire theme, so I made this as an entry. I made this off of the intro of the book, and this particular incident being mention several times in other parts of the book.

There's some stiff competition from other people, but this was fun to make, even if I don't win.

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