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Patriot 96's Fantasy Factions

By DWestmoore
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Here's a drawing that I'd been meaning to get around to working on for a while now for Patriot 96's D&D style Fantasy Universe. Essentially, all of these people represent factions and places in his Universe.

You can see the individual images here: dwestmoore.tumblr.com/post/174…

Realms in the Main Setting:

The Empire (Greece and Rome)

e Forest (Western Europe, disputed territory between barbarian tribes, the North, and the Empire. Various Feudal Kingdoms)

The Pharaoh's Kingdom (Egypt)

The North (Norse)

The Crescent Cities (Mesopotamia, some Arab influence) 

Other Factions (With Preferred Alignment):

The Knights of the Gilded Forest (A group of adventurers in the Forest, no Evil alignment)

The Order of the Redeemed (A paladin order of typically evil races, such as orcs, undead, etc. Lawful Good only)

The Blades of [regional justice deity] (A group of assassins and knights who seek out and punish evildoers, no Evil alignment)

The Dragons Teeth (Murderers and Mercenaries for hire, no Good alignment)

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