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Inktober 2018: Day 23: Muddy

By DWestmoore
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Mountain creatures are dangerous and should not be trifled with by novice Adventurers. Stone Giants, Hill Vampires, Wyverns, and other murderous fauna pose a legitimate threat to any who seek to cross through mountain passes. But perhaps one of the most common and serious threat to travelers are Mountain Orcs. These orcs are bigger, stronger, and more violent than normal orcs, living in assorted tribes that will occasionally band together under a single, strong chieftain. They will raid caravans in search for slaves and mates, as Half-Orcs make excellent slaves and disposable infantry. They will even enslave other members of the Foul Races in order to serve their labor and reproductive tasks. Those slaves fortunate to escape from them will be hard put to escape the mountains and return to civilization, as Mountain Orcs know their territory like the backs of their hands.

~ Brok’s Practical Advice to Beginning Adventurers, by Brok Thudirson

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