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Inktober 2018: Day 19: Scorched

By DWestmoore
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For today’s Inktober, I decided to draw a region from my Fantasy Universe.

This is Charok, which is basically the Mordor of my fantasy universe. It was once known as Chalanor, a paradise made rich by volcanoes and inhabited by the Fire Elves. However, after the War of the Immortals, the Elves retreated under the Earth in order to escape a second battle of the gods and their enemies. Only a small group, known as the Cinder Elves remained.

During the first coming of the Dark Lords, Chalanor was laid waste by the Dark Lord known as Malebranche the Malignant, who not only burned the land but also almost completely wiped out the Cinder Elves. Those who survived fled underground to rejoin their brethren. Malebranche was eventually defeated, Chalanor became fully corrupted, and is now known as Charok.

It is most famous for being the haunt of the Charok Empire, lead by the infamous Charosak. His fortress Khazarugal, once the fortress of Malebranche, is pictured here.

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