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Inktober 2018: Day 17: Swollen

By DWestmoore
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So, for today’s Inktober, I decided to draw a minor Dark Lord from my Fantasy universe. 

His name is Bolog the Distended. He was once a slightly obese Necromancer known as Baylor who experimented with a highly volatile magical substance in his quest to create his own species of undead.  However, the experiments went wrong, and turned him into an obese monster. When the Dark Lords took over, he swore his allegiance to Malebranche the Malignant, an Archlich who allowed him to continue his experiments. He eventually succeeded in creating a new species of undead. The were once known as the Bolokin, but their name has deteriorated over time until they are now known as Rotters. Bolog was defeated and imprisoned by the Alliance, but the Rotters have lived on due to their unique ability to breed.

Rotters have earned their name due to the sinister reason why they are so swollen. A Rotter is just like any other undead creature: a body animated by a core of dark magic, usually located in the brain or heart. However, aside from a few essential organs, the body of a rotter is full of a highly volatile and toxic substance: the same substance that changed  Baylor into Bolog. When a Rotter is hurt, this substance will jet out and harm anyone too close. Unlike most undead,  Rotters are not harmed by sunlight, but are extremely weak to fire due to the explosive nature of the substance that created them.


So, the Rotters are inspired by a number of things. I think the idea of fat enemies has stuck with me when I first encountered Warhammer minatures (I never bought any then , since I was ten or something at the time). One of the more interesting enemy types were the Ogres, which I thought were interesting due to the combination of Huns and the old-school cannibal giants. I recently got into Warhammer for real this time, and so the Rotters are more inspired by the Maggotkin of Nurgle, specifically the really bloated guys known as Blightknights. Though, these are only responsible for the appearance of the Rotters. The idea of them is inspired by the idea of Fat Zombies that you’ll see sometimes in video-games and comics. The idea of a toxic substance being used by them is more inspired by the Fat Molded from Resident Evil: Biohazard. Bolog himself is a combination of all these things, though this is more of an afterthought than anything, so I can have something to write about him. I can tell you that him being carried on a litter is inspired by Gruntan Kurdley from the Redwall book Eulalia!

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