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Fantasy Doodles 50 #5: Witch-Seeker

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In the more habitable regions of the Icewastes of Novajard, the Red Star Empire lives in a state of on-again-off-again warfare with Barbarian hordes, Giant armies, and the mysterious Draugr. One of their most dangerous foes are the Witch-Clans, who pose a serious threat with their dark powers, and twisted servants. As magic, monsters, and demons go more hand-in-hand than they do in the Alliance territories, the Empire created only two orders to fight them: Ordo Draconis and Ordo Yagaris. Ordo Draconis was founded by an ex-Templar during the Dragon-Giant wars, while Ordo Yagaris was founded by an ex-Inquisitor who survived an encounter with Baba Yaga. The leaders of a Yagaris House (a stronghold for training members of the order) are known as Witch-Seekers, who lead expeditions to hunt witches, using a combination of combat and magic-defense training to bring them down. Ordo Yagaris is much more brutal than the Inquisiton, preferring to kill rather than capture, only imprisoning those witches who would become stronger in death.

~ The Unabridged History of the Red Star Empire: From the Conquests of Brufarn to the Turbulent Present,
by Ruel the Wise
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