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Bahadur Giant

By DWestmoore
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In ancient times, Giants roamed the land, unchecked by Mortal Races. However, as time advanced, and heroes grew up amongst the mortals, Giants would band together in order to stand against their new enemies. One such tribe were the Bahadur, who would rule the south after the fall of the ancient empire of the Death Lords. Their rule would last up until the First Age, where they would be subdued by the dark lord Khraddik, and incorporated into his growing empire. Now, after thousands of years of interbreeding with humans, the Bahadur were reduced to a race of mostly mindless Half-Giants, servings various roles in the army of the Khraddik Empire.


Basically, this drawing was done as an excuse for me to draw a Giant, a colored version of Khraddik soldiers, as well as a new type of armor. I'm sure it has a name, but I only know that exists because the Kushans from Berserk wear it.

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