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Hey so it's been quite a while that I've been on deviantart, but haven't really updated my journal. My name is Dwayne Dmello and I am a digital artist and a complete art enthusiast. I love working on concept art and I also am working with an amazing comic book company in India called Division 91
One of my greatest inspirations is the brilliant Scott Robertson, and I am working hard to maybe one day have him at least see my work :)

You can check out my page Dwayne Dmello Designs, where most of my work is updated regularly. Lately I have expanded my capabilities, from being a colorist to also doing illustrations and character sketches.
I hope to progress further and hone my talents in a way that I could keep raising the bar for myself and for concept art in India. 

I am completely open to critiques from any one of you, I still feel I am learning every single day and I want to continue to do so. So feel free to give me advice, I will work hard at it and come out a better artist :)