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I am trying to take my next step to be a character designer and I could use your help. If you want to help, chip in, or just share my need, please check out my post! Thanks for all the love!
I'm saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Bourdain. I am a fan of cooking and I always loved to hear him.It breaks my heart to hear that he took his life. My heart goes out to him and his family and friends.

I too struggle with depression. It has been worse lately and I myself have had some dark thoughts. Even last night, I awoke from a dream where I was close to suicide. And hearing about Mr. Bourdain after that really really hit me hard.

To those who are suffering from depression, or any other mental hardships, I say hold on. Life changes. Things are never always good or always bed. Our minds will tell us that is not true, but it is. I know things are hard. I know you feel like there is no out, but hold on. You have no idea what next year, next month, next week, the next hour, the next second could bring.

To those who are offering to be there for someone who is hurting. And please hear me on this. It is not a one time thing. We suffer. A lot. It is not sadness, it is not that something 'caused' is to be sad. It is a condition. We can't be cheered up or distracted. We are suffering. Please do not make light of it by offering quick fixes. Believe me, we all have tried those things. If we knew an out, we would have taken it long ago.

So what do we need? Love. Support. Validation. We need to hear that you love us. That you care. We need to be to around. Not a quick word and vanish. As I said, depression and feeling suicidal is not a one time thing. We need you to support us. Check in on use. Cry with us. Hold us. We need validation. We need you to believe us. When we say we are hurting, we need you to believe there is real pain. Not a figure of speech. If we say we want to die, do not brush it off. We may not do it right then. But that feeling comes back. And one day it gets to be too loud. I know. I remember the day my mother over-doused. I remember begging at the door many times for her not to kill herself. I was younger than 10 at the time. I myself have tried twice.

Realize this is a burden. I know that it is hard to be there for someone going through this. But as hard as it is for you, it is a living hell for us.

There are times I feel like life is so hard. That I can't make my dreams come true. That all I have is pain and struggle. But I still fight. Because I don't know what is going to happen. I never know when the right person will see my work at the right moment and my life can change. I do know I am in love. I love Audra with all my heart and I fight for her. I love my cousin Chris with all my heart and I fight for him. It is never easy. But I fight. We all are fighting.

So before I drone on forever, let me end by saying, tell someone you love, that you love them. Send them something. Go see them. Hug them. Make sure they know they are loved. If you know someone suffering, reach out. Let them know they are not alone. Let them know you hurt because they are hurting. If you can do something to improve their life, even by a little bit. Do it. Because you honestly never know what that one moment out of your day may do for their life. And believe me, that love will come back to you. In someway.
As the new year approaches, I am putting things into motion to help raise money to move. So I am looking to turn my strength (my art) into money. And I would love to hear what you think! Some of the things I am looking at is:
>Webcomic with donations and Patreon.
>Art tutorials. Pay to buy at Gumroad, direct feedback through Patreon.
>New Shirt designs based on original characters and Pop Culture mashups through Red Bubble.
>Teaching local art classes through community center.

Is there anything you are excited for? Anything you would love to see? Let me know!
Hi all.
I am looking for new opportunity! If you are looking for a comic artist, either covers and/or interiors, character design, storyboards, or illustrations, DM me and let me know! If not, please share my name around!

Hi all, I am opening up digital art commissions! I am open to 10 commissions so first come first serve! Send me a message and let me know what you are looking for and I'll let give you the quote!
I look forward to drawing your ideas!

Starting up my blog and launching something I call Saturday Dreamin'. Give it a read!

Fan of cartoons? Wish the rest of the world were like that? I got you. I'm doing a series called Toon Up, where I turn your favorite tv, movie, and musical folks into cartoons.

Norman Bates from Bates Motel is up first. We are offering limited run prints. Starting at $5 plus shipping! If you're a fan, you gotta get this!…

Biggest thing you are excited about? Bates Motel ending? Mystery Science Theater 3000's return, or the coming return of Orange is the New Black? Let me know!
Now that Bates Motel is almost over, what do you think of it? Did you like it? Love it? Going to miss it?
Want to know what Chris and I are up to? Want to hear a bit more about the stuff we have been posting? Check out our first episode of Hard Way Studio - The Hard Truth and find out! Make sure to subscribe to stay up to the minute with the latest news!

SO honored to announce I am getting to play a small part in honoring an amazing talent that will always be a hero of mine, Mike Wieringo.Tellos-wanted-final72 by dwaynebiddixart

A lot of wonderful creators are coming together to pay tribute to a man who has impacted all our lives. I didn't get a chance to meet Mike, but his art has always been a favortie of mine and I am so happy to be a part of the comics world to pay tribute to him and his work.

Check out the site to learn more about it!

And thank you Todd Dezago for allowing me to be a part!


More and more I feel like I am in a creative void. I have so much I want to do as an artist, but living here, with no other artist friends, so few online friends I actually interact with, makes it so tiring. I LOVE working at home, but part of me wants a studio experience. I would love to feel that energy and excitement working with other artists, pushing each other to do more and better. There needs to be some really cool virtual studios.
Hey guys,
My web strip, Commercial Break is running! It is about my life and parodies of things I love watching. Here is part of a Project Runway Parody running right now!

I would really love it if you would go and give it a read!…

If you subscribe, which is FREE, you can always see the new episodes, which I post every Wednesday and Sunday!

(PS, if you have the moble app, you can tip me! You can even get free coins to tip by watching ads!)

Thanks for all your support guys!

Strip 6 by dwaynebiddixart

If I were to not draw comic book stuff, what else would you want to see from me?
New comic strip is live! It begins a run of Project Runway parody!…
Enjoy and share!
Check out my new comic strip post! New one goes up Sunday! (Spoiler, it will begin a Project Runway parody!)…

After a lot of thinking, planning, and prayer, I think I have a plan for this year. I am changing some things, and adding a lot of new things. So I am about to be very busy this year. So there will be a MASSIVE drop off in fan art stuff I am drawing and posting.

But I AM going to be drawing. I am going to be working on Stabbity Bunny, working on my Commercial Break comic strip, building a character and prop design portfolio, and developing some animation pitches. I am also taking classes for writing so I will be developing some spec movie scripts, tv scripts. Later in the year I hope to also start working on a novel idea I have as well as learning storyboarding.

With some luck, elbow grease, and blessings, I hope 2017 will be the year I stop spinning the wheels and actually start moving forward.

Wish me luck and send up a prayer for me, if you are so inclined!

Thanks and love all you!

I have launched my comic strip, Commercial Break on Tapastic!… Subscribe and never miss a post!

Sometimes we know...
where we want to go, who we want to be, what we want to do. And we begin along the road.

But sometimes things change...
even miles and miles from where we started, miles and miles toward where we thought we were going.

Sometimes we don't know...
what is next, where to go. Should we continue along the road to where we thought we wanted to go, just because we are so close? Should we admit we don't want to be there anymore, and change the road we are on despite the loss of all those miles?

Sometimes we know...
if we want to be happy we have to change. We have to accept we do not want to go the way we were, we don't want to go back to where we were. The only thing left is to find the new road that can lead to where we really, deep in our heart, want to be. Knowing it is a hard road. It is scary. But that is the only thing we can do, make sure we do what we need to do to be happy and make the best life we can for ourselves and for the ones we love.

Hear that?
That was the sound of the gear changing. Heading in a new direction to the place I want to be. I hope you keep riding with me!

I have been working as an artist for about 7 years now and I have came to an understanding.

Life of an artist falls into one of two categories.
1: You are selling your services.
2: You are selling your art.

Most of my life as an artist I have been doing or seeking jobs where I can sell my services as an artist. Doing comics for people or a company, commissions, freelance work of various forms. After all these years, I am still struggling to make a living. I can't seem to get ahead, just try to keep my head above water. It is so depressing to think I may have to take a 'day job' to keep my real job. How disgusting is that? Not just me, most artists are living like this. The problem is you are going Hunger Games as you and a ton of other artists run for the few open slots at decent pay companies to beg them to let you work for them. The rest of us take the small pay jobs. (That said, I am blessed, I am working with a great guy and creator who pays me better than a lot of the 'small' publishers can offer me. But I have needs that are just not being met. I need more income. So, instead of keeping in the scrimmage line desperately looking for that one spot to get out from the pack, I am going to try the second option. Selling my art.

Not 100% sure what that will be. I am looking into a few options. One thing I am looking at is doing a comic strip. If I go online it will be ad supported and also through Patreon. That was my first love and still a dream I have. I will look into either pitching it for syndication and/or doing it as a web strip. I am also developing some cartoon properties I plan to pitch. I am also looking into some other business ideas, such as irreverent greeting cards and t-shirts. Also been thinking of selling tutorials through Gumroad.

To my other artist friends who are doing their own things and making money doing it, any advice? Insight? Tips? Suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give me!

And to all my followers who love my art and support me, thank you. YOU are the reason I am not giving up on art. I know there are people my work speaks to, makes happy, and brings excitement to. You all give me hope!