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Sonic Pairing Controversy Meme

My OTP: Sonic x Sally

I don't care what anybody else says. These two make an excellent pairing. For one, they're the few couple of the Sonic series who actually have chemistry. They grew up together as children and witnessed their loved ones get roboticized. They bonded together as Freedom Fighters since their childhood. Most importantly, they balance each other out, with Sonic being the arrogant show-off who learns to slow things down and think before acting and Sally being the meticulous down-to-earth girl who learns to loosen up a bit. All that and they still keep their original personalities without being out of character (if they're written well that is). People say that their relationship is unhealthy just because they argue. But that's actually false. A few arguments doesn't equal an unhealthy relationship. In fact, their relationship would be unhealthy if it was argument free since either of the two would be too submissive to one another. Their arguments were really nothing more than playful teasing, and that's part of what makes their relationship great due to the mixture of comedy and feelings. Overall, this is a very esoteric pairing of the Sonic series.

Runner-up: Knux x Julie-Su

Most Liked Pairing:
Tails x Cosmo

These two really had an excellent chemistry together. While I don't really think Tails needs a girlfriend during this age, his relationship with Cosmo was surprisingly done well. Too bad Cosmo had to sacrifice herself to save the entire planet. 

Runner-up: Silver x Blaze

Most Neutral Pairing:
Knux x Rouge

While I see this pairing as a transient relationship, these two's moments together are pretty hilarious, especially the part where Rouge pounded Knuckles on the head in Sonic X. That was hilarious. I also like how Knuckles isn't afraid to hit Rouge back just because she's female.

Runner-up: Sonic x Blaze, Sonic x Amy in Sonic Boom

Most Disliked Pairing:
Tails x Mina

Honestly, I don't know why these two married each other X years later. The thing that keeps me from shipping these two is the fact that there were never any moments between Tails and Mina in the comics beforehand, let alone any chemistry at all. They just randomly married each other X years later without an explanation as to how they fell in love with each other.

Runner-up: Charmy x Saffron

Sally x Monkey Khan

Just admit it! The only reason you ship these two together is because you want Sonic to be with Amy instead and because they're both royalty. So far, I have not come across anyone who ships this pairing give away a legitimate reason as to why these two belong together other than the fact that they're both royalty, which isn't really a good reason. These two didn't really have much chemistry together, and in all honesty, Khan was just there to be another love interest for Sally to please the Sonamy fanbrats (notice how I said "fanbrats" and not "fans" since I'm well aware that there are good Sonamy fans around). Outside of that, the guy had no real role or motivation in the comics, which is why we never hear from him again after issue 222.

Runner-up: Knux x Tikal

Cute & Innocent Pairing:
Tails x Cream

As I have already said before, I don't ship Cream with anyone since she's still a little girl who doesn't need to be in a relationship with anyone. But Tails would be the closest to being with Cream since it's only a two-year difference between the two. So maybe in the future, where they're both a few years older, this pairing might be feasible.

Sexy Couple:
Vector x Vanilla

Let's do the math here. A crocodile trying to mack on a divorced/widowed rabbit with a young daughter, never mind the fact that Vanilla is about 6-8 years older. Let that one sink in.

Runner-up: Shadow x Rouge

Guilty Pleasure Pairing:
Tails x Amy

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Why Amy? They don't have any feelings for each other!" Well hear me out, folks! I see this pairing similar to Antoine and Bunnie. You know how Antoine had a relentless crush on Sally and finally got over it after dating and eventually marrying Bunnie? That's how I see Amy. As she gets older, she finally gets over Sonic and slowly begins to develop feelings for Tails, and since Cosmo is dead and Cream is still too young to understand relationships, Tails would be the better choice for Amy since they do have more chemistry than Sonic and Amy. While I mostly ship Amy with Manic, I think Tails and Amy would be the perfect choice for each other just in case Manic doesn't make an appearance in the future.

Runner-up: Amy x Manic

Sonic x Tails

Best buds since the beginning. Nuff said.

Runner-up: Sonic x Knux

Just Friends:
Jet x Wave

Seriously, these two act more like brother and sister rather than a couple. I really don't see the chemistry between the two.

Runner-up: Cream x Charmy

Most Overrated Pairing:
Sonic x Amy

Yep. You saw that one coming. Honestly, this pairing has the brattiest fans ever. Many of them only ship these two because of the banal blue-boy, pink-girl pairing, as well as them looking "cute" together. Let's face it. Sonic really doesn't see Amy as a girlfriend at all. He likes her as a kid sister. He avoids a hug from her, he looks at her in disgust whenever she tries to flirt with him, he simply isn't interested in Amy romantically. There is no chemistry between the two, and Amy likes Sonic as the hero he is. It's not technically a superficial reason to like him, but it falls short once you learn that she fell for the blue blur after he saved her life. Let's be honest here. Would Amy still fall for Sonic if he was a normal hedgehog with a cocky personality? As for people mentioning Sonic Boom, yes, that's the only universe where Sonamy could possibly happen in, and that's the only universe where I will accept it in. Other than that show, Sonic really doesn't have any interest in Amy whatsoever and only like her as a little sister.

Most Underrated Pairing:
Antoine x Bunnie

I guess you can call this pairing the Beta Couple of Sonic x Sally since their chemistry is quite similar to the aforementioned couple. Of course, unlike the other couples, these two were able to stay in a stable relationship and end up marrying each other in the end. I feel this couple should be discussed more often.

Original meme belongs to donamorteboo.
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