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Thank you so much for requesting my work ! :happybounce: 
With the unwated eclips update it took some time before i learned to enter the group again, if your art was rejected try again.. please.
forgot what i said, i can no longer enter it
Missed so much, but i have a death in the family so feel free to send in your submissions again.
Thanks for inviting the Inca Dwarf artwork of mine. I've got a whole ongoing series of Dwarven cultures from across the world which might help you fill out this section: www.deviantart.com/dwarvenhall…

Germanic, Celtic, Celtiberian, Dacian, Nabatean, Inca, Moche, Ethiopian, Akha, Udmurt, Inuit, Rapa Nui, Korean Gaya Confederacy, Hittite...

The list goes on: www.deviantart.com/karaknorncl…

I advise you to grab 'em all for Dwarven Halls. :)

And please do check out Sergio Artigas' fantastic artworks to fill out that section as well. He's got e.g. Ethiopian and Mesopotamian Dwarves.

To the many submissions these last weeks, I was not well.
As most have expired feel free to submit them again
Some of the new featured pictures in the group have nothing to do with Dwarves at all, not a single dwarf in sight.  perhaps you can go over the featured page and do a bit of cleaning up?