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"Joker" (Acrylics / 25cm x 35cm)

My second ever painting inspired by the amzing images created by DC Comics Artist Dave McKean in Batman Arkham Asylum (15th Anniversary Edition). A very big step for me in painting!

Ive taken scans of this painting in its early stages, check them out in my scraps. (First stage: [link] , Second stage: [link] )
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OMG yess! Some Serious house on serious earth vibes here!
Super creepy!!
CakeIsHoly's avatar
holy shit this is creepy as hell
ImaauthorROBLOX's avatar
This has got to me in the top 5 incarnations of the Jokers! This one is creepy, scary and AWESOME!!!
wickedwizard1991's avatar
i once saw this in a jump scare video,i ended up throwing my computer at the wall.
aquagirl28's avatar
with your joker it is guaranteed  no one will ever sleep again. :evillaugh:
well done sir, :clap:
ultraviolet's avatar
you've copied the original very well
GoreManiac's avatar

Stunning work! He looks so evil, the eyes in particular look empty and cold.

He also looks very nightmarish.

sexymoxxi's avatar
thats the kind of image that you'd see with a creepypasta scary but well done 
steveabbo's avatar
Scary but brilliant
Osgoblin's avatar
Absolutely terrifying, absolutely amazing.
danjgutweincreations's avatar
Dig it, man. Very nice. :)
Bina585's avatar
I was planning to go to bed.... never mind....
DearStaar's avatar
Holy crap! I love how it looks all pastel-ish! Amazingly amazing.
Eminem112233's avatar
Arkham asylum a serious house on a serious earth
AstraeaHelena's avatar
T0MN0MN0M's avatar
this is amazing. so amazing. but... i wont be able to sleep for the next week. XD
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FruityLoops8887's avatar
This is amazing. I have the graphic novel of this picture so to be able to look and compare is amazing. Great work!
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Jeez, this is done with acrylics? Whenever I use acrylics a lot of the colours in my paintings never stay a consistent colour in areas, they turn darker. Like my white turns out greyish for example. :( I guess it serves me right for always using dirty brushes, haha.

Anyway, I love this! The eyes and creases in his face really stand out. It looks brilliant! Even the background looks great, awesome job man :D
Don't worry...I didn't plan on sleeping tonight anyway...
Eminem112233's avatar
Best joker image ever sorry typo
Eminem112233's avatar
Beat joker image ever!
ThatRavenclawGirl's avatar
This image will haunt my nightmares... good job! Terrifying, but good!
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