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Nederantansie scenes 14: Bors the Wanderer by Dwarf-Cartoonist, visual art

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Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
My Bio
I am just an average man with an interest of comics and cartoons. I am currently making my own comic series with an own fantasy world. My family and friends even call me a new 'Tolkien', but I am just an hobbyist in drawing.

Also, due to my username, I am very fond of dwarves. Seriously, ever since I even watched Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' as a kid, I've grown fond of dwarves. Also in video games, when dwarves are playable, I always choose dwarves first. Dwarves are mostly sidekick characters and that needs to change sometimes. Can't dwarves be heroes too?

All my Comics and Cartoons are drawn with pens.

Because my native language is Dutch, all my comics are written in Dutch. But each page will be translated panel for panel in their description.

Some rules here:
- I'd like to keep my comment sections clean. So type nice or not at all! I've no patience for arguments in public. If you do have something personal to say, just send me a private message.
- No foul language uses or swearing, keep it polite.
- Please, don’t make use of self-promoting on my pages.
- You are not allowed to use my work for anything.
- If you respect me, then I will simply respect you.
- If you wish to thank me for a fave or Llama, just shout it in the ShoutBox. Thank you.
- Even if I am a generous giver of points, that doesn't mean that people could beg me so they could have free points. So don't try begging for points to me.

Angry Douwe Dabbert Stamp 2 by Dwarf-Cartoonist
If you break these rules, it will first start with a warning. if you continue, then you'll be blocked.

Douwe Dabbert Stamp by Dwarf-Cartoonist I Support Traditional Art by maria-jaujou Vikings by UncleBob47 Medieval Stamp by heartsickdreams Palaeontology Stamp by Kezzi-Rose [Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest I listen to music while i draw by Tontora Game Soundtracks by QuidxProxQuo I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin Stamp: Atheistic Pagan by 8manderz8 David the Gnome stamp by Dwarf-Cartoonist

Favourite Movies
The Hobbit trilogie - LOTR trilogie - Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Jurassic Park - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Night at the Museam - Several of Disney's animated movies (can't pick a favourite one out of these)
Favourite TV Shows
Ed, Edd and Eddy - Kappa Mikey - Troll Tales - Hey Arnold
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Derek and Brandon Fiechter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMZjGhrFq_4llVS_x2XJ_w
Favourite Books
The hobbit - Young Samurai series - Horrible Histories - Asterix the Gaul - Spike and Suzy (Suske en Wiske in my country.) - The Dwarves of Markus Heitz
Favourite Writers
J.R.R Tolkien - Chris Bradford - René Goscinny
Favourite Games
Total War series - ParaWorld - Warhammer 40.000 - Warlords Battlecry series - Stronghold Series - The Banner Saga - Age of Wonders
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC master race?
Other Interests
Prehistoric life - Classical and Medieval history - Dwarves - Elves - Vikings - Comics
So, this is something I have in mind for a while, making an event for December. XD What is Dwarfcember?: To put it simple, it's about drawing Dwarves in the month of December, but, instead of drawing a Dwarf every day, I will give myself a challenge of 10 drawings, based on 10 different sentences I made up for my challenge. The reason for that myself, is that I am a slow drawer, and don't always have the time to draw most of my freetime. The 10 sentences are: 1. What is, you think, the most stereotypical dwarf in fantasy. (small warm-up challenge) 2. Draw an original OC of yours (not counting the ones you already have). 3. What type of foods are common among the dwarves of your OC. 4. What is your OC's profession. 5. Do the Dwarves of your OC have a common enemy. 6. How many allies do they have, if yes, then who is it/are they. 7. Are there any specific roles to males/females/other. 8. Choose a concept of dwarves from a different media aside your drawings and draw such dwarf from
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My largest part of my project of "Imagining my Nederantansie as an RTS-videogame" is done, but not ready to upload. ^^; Since I have to do another smaller project too and upload that first. So, stay tuned.
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I better tell something about my project, so I won't remain to inactive. ^^ My project I am working on, is all me showing artwork and lots of explaining about "How would my Nederantansie universe look like when it's an RTS-game?" This project of mine just takes a lot of time, so I can't upload anytime soon.
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Thanks for faving!!!...

You are welcome, sir. ^^

Thanks for the fav!

You are welcome. ^^

You dive deep into your concepts/ the world you create with your art, and it shows. I'm really enjoying looking through your stuff. Looking forward to more.