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This feature is primarily for Apophysis as well as a few Incendia resources.  There will be another feature in the near future specifically for Ultra-Fractal and Incenida.

In a recent poll I asked my viewers if they :+fav: when using resources. I was surprised 20% of artists who answered the poll felt they do not need to :+fav: the awesome resources that have been made available for all to use. So, it really made me take a long hard look at what is available to the apophysis users, and I was totally amazed at what I had found.  

Recently, I came across many resources that had well under 100 :+fav:s and over 1,000 downloads. :no: Does that sound right to you? It sure didn't to me, so I am featuring these awesome artists who provide so many resources for all of us to advance our artform one step further!!! Please note, this is only a very small fraction of the resources available for Apophysis programs!!! Below are just a few of the many resources by artist.  When you have a moment please stop by their page and let them know how valuable you think they are so they will continue to provide our community with the best resources available!!! :icongwomp:  I am certain they would all appreciate it.

Also, with all of these wonderful resources we have it amazes me that we are not recommending them for DD’s.  If any of you would like to do that, we have some excellent Resource Gallery Directors to send those recommendations to: hint, hint, nudge, nudge

Beginners Guide to Scripting by djeaton3162 A Script-writing script by djeaton3162 Rabbit Hole Script by djeaton3162 Space Balls Script by djeaton3162 Carrion King Script by djeaton3162 Recursive Plastic Script by djeaton3162 JIMM Script by djeaton3162 Blumen Tubes 3D Script by djeaton3162 Blumen Tubes Script by djeaton3162 Triple Play Scipt by djeaton3162 Triple Plastic Script by djeaton3162 Triple Splat2 Script by djeaton3162 Ringed Globules Script by djeaton3162 StarTwist Script by djeaton3162 Batch Julian Scallops Script by djeaton3162 Snow Tubes Script by djeaton3162 Perfect Spiral Tubes Script by djeaton3162 Grand Spiral Tubes Script by djeaton3162 Plastic Balls Script by djeaton3162 Intrensic Hearts Script by djeaton3162 Splat2 Script by djeaton3162 Fluffy Hearts Script by djeaton3162 Tube Spheres Script by djeaton3162 SPLAT Script by djeaton3162 Spider Hearts Script by djeaton3162 Julian Tube Balls Script by djeaton3162 Tube Hearts Script by djeaton3162
Xaos Tile Script by Shortgreenpigg Bubble Hearts Script by Shortgreenpigg Modified Flipped Disk Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Glass Julian Script by Shortgreenpigg Edisc Julian Script by Shortgreenpigg Stained Glass Script by Shortgreenpigg Piano Script by Shortgreenpigg Julian Pearls Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Tile Ball Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Galaxies Script by Shortgreenpigg April Shower of Flowers Script by Shortgreenpigg Marble Tracks Script by Shortgreenpigg Ribbons Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Stairways Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Flowers Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Cubes Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Script Pack by Shortgreenpigg Script Pack by Shortgreenpigg 3D Bubbles Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Bubbles Batch Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Tunnel Script by Shortgreenpigg Spiral Bubble Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Pods Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Beams Script by Shortgreenpigg Julia Wires Script by Shortgreenpigg 3D Tubes and Wires Script by Shortgreenpigg Grand Julian Batch Script by Shortgreenpigg Julian Script by Shortgreenpigg Julian Heart Script by Shortgreenpigg Julian Beads Script by Shortgreenpigg Pinpoint Script by Shortgreenpigg Tower Script by Shortgreenpigg
eTech Tutorial by CabinTom Plugging In Your Plugins by CabinTom Fill In The Gaps Tutorial by CabinTom Post Transform Tutorial by CabinTom Post-Process Render Tutorial by CabinTom Deep Sea Gradients by CabinTom Fine Feathers -UPDATED- by CabinTom Modern Gradients by CabinTom Natural Gradients -Updated- by CabinTom The Total Script Package by CabinTom Elliptic Symmetry Script by CabinTom eTech Scripts by CabinTom Odds and Ends Scripts by CabinTom Bipolar Oscillations Script by CabinTom Simple Julia Script by CabinTom Water Drop Script by CabinTom Matrix Effects Script by CabinTom Spiralia Script by CabinTom Linear Disc Script by CabinTom Julian Rings Script by CabinTom Brush Strokes Script by CabinTom Hyperbole Script by CabinTom Fractal Forms Script Pack by CabinTom Intrinsica Scripts by CabinTom Windows Script by CabinTom Serrated+AxialFracture Scripts by CabinTom Technica Scripts by CabinTom InnerSpace Script by CabinTom Globules Script by CabinTom Light Flame Script by CabinTom Heart Script by CabinTom Updated Script Pack by CabinTom Whirlpool Script by CabinTom Pillars Script by CabinTom Destiny Script by CabinTom Julia Twist Script by CabinTom Halo Script by CabinTom Hybridization Script by CabinTom Checkerboard Script by CabinTom Impact Zone Scripts by CabinTom Mystify Scripts by CabinTom Chemical Scripts by CabinTom Horizons Script by CabinTom Broken Glass Script by CabinTom Planetoid Scripts by CabinTom
Smooth Gradient pk 1 for Apo by NinthTaboo Smooth Gradient Pk 2 for Apo by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 1 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 2 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient Pk 3 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 4 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 5 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 6 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 7 for apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 8 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 9 for Apo and UF by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 10 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 11 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 12 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient Pk 13 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 14 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 15 for Apophysis by NinthTaboo NinthTaboo's Secret Stash by NinthTaboo Ninthtaboo's Secret Stash 2 by NinthTaboo Gradient pk 16 for Apo and UF by NinthTaboo NinthTaboo's Mega-Pack by NinthTaboo NinthTaboo's Secret Stash 3 by NinthTaboo Gradient Pack 17 for apophysis by NinthTaboo NinthTaboo's Mega-Pack 2 by NinthTaboo
The Aposhack Plugin Pack by phoenixkeyblack Etched Glass Script 2 by phoenixkeyblack Double Glazing RAR by phoenixkeyblack Apophysis Invader Parameters by phoenixkeyblack Controlled Explosion Script by phoenixkeyblack Champagne Supernova Script by phoenixkeyblack Phonetix Flame File by phoenixkeyblack I'm Not Cabin Tom by phoenixkeyblack I'm Not Cabin Tom - Remix by phoenixkeyblack Crown of Thorns Revision by phoenixkeyblack 31 Hurtz  Apophysis Flame Pack by phoenixkeyblack Desperately Seeking......Rar by phoenixkeyblack XS Scripts....Zip by phoenixkeyblack Julia And Susan ... Zip by phoenixkeyblack A Bit More Scope by phoenixkeyblack Slikk Script by phoenixkeyblack Punkk Script by phoenixkeyblack Picture Frame Script by phoenixkeyblack Picture Frame Extreme by phoenixkeyblack Inside My Mind - Script by phoenixkeyblack Etched Glass Script by phoenixkeyblack Sierpinski's Revenge by phoenixkeyblack Kaotikk Script by phoenixkeyblack Apophysis Pixel Tutorial by phoenixkeyblack Revised Pixel Tutorial by phoenixkeyblack
Apophysis Guide v.2.1 by ClaireJones Julia Uncovered v.2.2 by ClaireJones The Rings2 and Julian Guide by ClaireJones Julia Uncovered by ClaireJones Apophysis Guide by ClaireJones Grad. Installation Directions by ClaireJones Spiral Tutorial for Apophysis by ClaireJones Starter Flame Pack by ClaireJones Apophysis Starter Flames II by ClaireJones Apophysis Starter Flames III by ClaireJones Apophysis Starter Flames IV by ClaireJones Apophysis Starter Flames V by ClaireJones Apophysis Gradient Pack I by ClaireJones Apophysis Gradient Pack II by ClaireJones Apo Ultra Smooth Gradient Pack by ClaireJones Planet Earth Gradient Pack by ClaireJones CJ Animation Rendering Script by ClaireJones Apophysis Icons by ClaireJones
Incendia Gradient Pack 2 by cmptrwhz Incendia Gradient Pack 1 by cmptrwhz How to make a 3d cube in Apo by cmptrwhz CubeIt -- Script by cmptrwhz Tile It version 2 by cmptrwhz Tile It version 3 by cmptrwhz CubeIt Script Ver2 by cmptrwhz Animate It Script by cmptrwhz Julian Chain Setup
Apophysis Help File v1.04 by cmptrwhz
:thumb63797658: :thumb102833696: :thumb83874692: :thumb75122567: :thumb59636673: :thumb68292769: :thumb68919958: :thumb83375594:
Apophysis 3D Baseforms Pack by TyrantWave Truchet Plugin by TyrantWave Splits3D Plugin by TyrantWave Ultra Fractal Presets Tutorial by TyrantWave Spherical3D Plugin by TyrantWave Apophysis Base Forms Pack by TyrantWave 5,000 Views - Flamepack 2 by TyrantWave 1,000 Views Gift - FlamePack by TyrantWave
Spherical Loonie Foci Scripts by parrotdolphin Gnarl Batch Script +Flame Pack by parrotdolphin Spherical Bipolar Scripts by parrotdolphin Incendia Basic Texture Pack by parrotdolphin Apophysis Biploar Batch Script by parrotdolphin Apophysis Batch Script Pack 2 by parrotdolphin Apophysis Batch Script Pack by parrotdolphin
Dragon Flames Flamepack by NatalieKelsey Chat Log: 3D Apophysis Help by NatalieKelsey Gradients By Winter v4.0 by NatalieKelsey Gradients By Winter v3.0 by NatalieKelsey Gradients by Winter v2.0 by NatalieKelsey Gradients By Winter v1.0 by NatalieKelsey
3D Julian plus DOF script by kuzy62 3D Julian Scripts by kuzy62 Julian Scripts by kuzy62 by kuzy62
LazyJulian Script by tatasz Inner Light Script by tatasz Loonie Script by tatasz Bipolar Wedge Script by tatasz
:thumb114933169::thumb105545746::thumb106821397:BCA Pink Gradient Pack by FracFx
Animal Gradient Pack by FracFxNative Arches Script by FracFxCrystal Ball Plastic Script by FracFxRibbons And Bows Script by FracFxStars and Stripes Script by FracFx
Fractured Galaxies Script by FracFx:thumb105547212:Hemisphere-Marble Scripts by FracFxMarbleizer Script by FracFx
:thumb84959316:Plastic Heart Script by FracFx:thumb109180696:
Script reptile look-a-like by gitte Script pure spiral by gitte Flower script by gitte 3D hack script lightbeam by gitte Strange script vol. 2 by gitte Strange script vol. 3 by gitte script .. lightball by gitte Textured script by gitte Fluffy script by gitte Flower script vol 2 by gitte Script spiral flower by gitte Script easy start by gitte
Julia Grand 3D by shaun-rules-4eva Tube Script by shaun-rules-4eva Simple Oil Script by shaun-rules-4eva 3D JuliaN t00b Script by shaun-rules-4eva JuliaN Shapes Script by shaun-rules-4eva Pendant Script by shaun-rules-4eva
Xaos Bubbles Tutorial by nightmares06 Bubble Variation Tutorial by nightmares06 Bubble Variation Tutorial 2 by nightmares06 Bubble Triboarders Tutorial by nightmares06
Swirl Tutorial by mfcreative Basic Heart Tutorial by mfcreative Variation and plugin Tutorial by mfcreative Apophysis Star Tutorial by mfcreative
Color Manipulation ApoBit by ToAPP SaTubes Script by ToAPP SaTubes_v4 by ToAPP SymmTubes v2 by ToAPP Rototubes_v3 by ToAPP
Exploring Apophysis 3D by TsukinoHikari20 100 Gradients Version Four by TsukinoHikari20 Silvers - A Gradient Pack by TsukinoHikari20 100 Gradients by TsukinoHikari20 3D Hack Flamepack by TsukinoHikari20 Gradient Pack by TsukinoHikari20 Fractal Brushset by TsukinoHikari20 Basic Apophysis Tutorial by TsukinoHikari20
BASE 1 and 2 Tutorial Pt 1 by YarNor Lazy Julian Mini Tutorial by YarNor 1st 35 Vars BASE Type 2 by YarNor 1st 35 Vars BASE Type 1 by YarNor
Tutorial 4: Coloring Fractals by TaraRoys Tutorial 2: The Triangles by TaraRoys Tutorial1: Making Angel Wings by TaraRoys
Rectangle Curl Supershapes by zweeZwyy Truchet Quick Picks Script by zweeZwyy 118 Apo Synth Pack Images by zweeZwyy 13 Apophysis synth examples by zweeZwyy
3D City Script by MurdocSnook 3D Tilespheres Script by MurdocSnook 3D Glass Domes Script by MurdocSnook Kaleidospheres by MurdocSnook 3D Plasma Script by MurdocSnook 3D Skyscraper Script by MurdocSnook 3D TileCubes by MurdocSnook 3D Snowman Script by MurdocSnook 3D Parachute Script by MurdocSnook 3D Julian Bubbles by MurdocSnook 3D Flower Script by MurdocSnook
Flipped Disc by JoelFaber
Image Tutorial - Apophysis JF by MichaelFaber Disc Spiral Tutorial by MichaelFaber
PeggyMintun gradient pack by IDeviantAmyHooton gradient pack by IDeviantID collected gradients by IDeviant:thumb71200675:
:iconbpclarke: (all resources posted at :iconfractal-resources:)
Barton Doetsch (posted at :iconfractal-resources:)
Collaborations between Barton Doetsch and Bunny Clarke (posted at :iconfractal-resources:)
:thumb63148725: :thumb113813666: :thumb113813155: :thumb113812932: :thumb113812672: :thumb113811967:
:thumb67264452: :thumb54568849: :thumb54567901: :thumb54567067: :thumb54446132:
:thumb80817398: :thumb80817587: :thumb82311421: :thumb105719075: :thumb97969088:
:thumb114566786: :thumb103435606:
:thumb17857617: :thumb14008370: :thumb11864463: :thumb11239017: :thumb9820978: :thumb10781352:
:thumb68797717: :thumb65432004: :thumb75770912: :thumb70024494: :thumb69942624: :thumb69666498: :thumb61192322: :thumb72368633: :thumb72304369: :thumb60688174: :thumb81871260:
:thumb112370125: :thumb99243824: :thumb106698622: :thumb98877432: :thumb30672165: :thumb24165678: :thumb21885328:
:thumb105338980: :thumb94289758: :thumb89764427: :thumb84267846: :thumb77824249: :thumb77566578:
:thumb84635709: :thumb84040479: :thumb83631933: :thumb82295720: :thumb58658758:
:thumb47533316: :thumb34982839::thumb57008491: :thumb53296038: :thumb47116173: :thumb30583620:
:thumb109595674: :thumb111557092: :thumb111556689: :thumb110350312: :thumb110350170: :thumb110075353: :thumb110075252: :thumb110075168: :thumb105540642:
:thumb111248511: :thumb111709595: :thumb111709756: :thumb111242499: :thumb111259210: :thumb111277226: :thumb111633426:

**Please note-Included were just a few Incendia resources as there are not many for users at this time.  This program is very new to the community.  

A special thank you to Colliemom for her assistance gathering some of the resources together.  :icongwomp:
© 2009 - 2021 DWALKER1047
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et149's avatar
Thank you!!! :D :hug:
callmejett's avatar
Great Job - Ethel :) :rose:
technochroma's avatar
Wow. :faint:

Clearly there is a rosetta stone of resources. Thanks to all who have contributed to the fractal community, and thanks to you for compiling them here.
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These are going to be so much fun to play with. :omg:
cordieb's avatar
Cool page. . and great information! I don't have any knowledge on fractals, but your resource info and gal has certainly sparked my curiosity and imagination. I'll have to go check out the program Apophysis on the internet! Is it hard to use???
DWALKER1047's avatar
It takes a little bit to learn but it is by far one of the best programs I have ever used. Let me know if you need some help. There are a lot of excellent resources that can help also. You will have to download the first APO version before you can get the current version.

APO 2.0--->[link] (be sure to follow the instructions)
APO 2.08beta2--->[link];package_id=139828&release_id=632164

Here is also a link to the Apophysis Club Resource Page where there are lots of great resources--->[link]
cordieb's avatar
Thanks soooo much for the info. I've given the program a try, and it's really cool. I'm amazed how some people seem to have control of the shapes they create, like stars and hearts. . .I've got a lot to learn, but its really fun!
DWALKER1047's avatar
I am really happy you are having fun with the program. I have a good knowledge of it, so let me know if I can help. :icongwomp:
Arteguille1's avatar
Thanks for the excellent work, you have a friend in Argentinaª
zweeZwyy's avatar
:clap: Great page, a joy to explore. Thanks :boogie:
NinthTaboo's avatar
Outstanding in-depth article! I'm going to be very busy :+fav:ing and downloading :nod: Thank you very much for featuring my packs :glomp: :highfive:
ccdigitalfx's avatar
Very awesome news article!!! Featuring all these great resources in one place is a wonderful idea!! Really saves a lot of "leg work".:)
GypsyH's avatar
thank you for the time researching and pasting this wonderful collection.
Ann-McLaren's avatar
I see some things I don't have.. Thanks!!!
TheLionofOZ's avatar
That's awesome Deb, my thanks to you :hug: for all the work of putting this together, and all the great artists and contributors to this page :thumbsup: It's on my home page now. :D John
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Thank you for including my resources. I'm glad that people use them! :) :hug:
Kabuchan's avatar
Can't wait to try the ones I don't have ... :D
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:faint: That must have taken a lot of time to put together! Fantastic job!
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This is wonderful thank you for putting it together :hug:
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omg omg :drool:
i am learning apo right now with travii and i m definitely gonna save this for better days :boogie:
weee thank you so much Deb :D
DWALKER1047's avatar
You are very welcome! :hug:ss I hope you are learning lots from Travii, he is a great teacher.
evilpj's avatar
he is a great teacher yes ... it s me who s a bad student :rofl:
DWALKER1047's avatar
Well in that case :spank: :rofl:
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