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Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping to give some much needed exposure to so many wonderful artist’s on DA.  I have searched way back in my :+fav:s gallery to find but a small portion of particularly amazing pieces in galleries all over DA, and in the process have found a lot more!  Please take a moment to view the galleries of these amazing and very talented artist’s…..

La Joie de Juin by Foxfires JuliaN 9 by anjaleck Diamonds, Gold and Pearls by PsychoDreamer4:thumb58124504: Desert by Taser-Rander
Mono Mania I by Velvet--Glove abstract 18 by sweetangel1 to liz3 by sweetangel1 to Adrienn by sweetangel1 Heaven by Gygrazok
:thumb57873624: Planets in the sky collage by Pink-Dragon-Flame sunshine colors by kidjet digitized pipe dream by PsychedelicTreasures Sha War Train- Finished Wheels by Era-Wars-club
Gerhardt L. Menschenhai by fishimishi Lady Slipper by mailovesyou Flower Rainbow by MapleRose Easter Time in the Universe by denise-g
Pearls of Wisdom by GillsDigitalWorld Stormbringer by ANTIFAN-REAL

Mature Content

monotony by ValentinaKallias
Fractal Vines 2 by TomWilcox:thumb47177256: Intertwine by Taser-Rander:thumb58121169: Dance of the Heart by LadyLyonnesse
:thumb56048454: Sun God. by swhite0126 Vibrations by LaPurr Beautiful World by NatalieKelsey Tubular Architecture by CygX1
Frill Bomber by Era-Wars-club Alice through th looking glass by steelfencing:thumb56110854: In a Grey Sky by Thelma1
:thumb56599460: Azores by archizero Country Quiet by NatalieKelsey:thumb58139942: SOMETHING DIFFERENT by 1arcticfox
Grayscale Part II by Beesknees67:thumb56278601: Change of Heart ANIMATED xD by r4v1 Impression... by Gurly
Chandelle by leonius Halcyon by Halcyon83:thumb18697441: Casino Royale by Omron Life In A Tidal Pool by Aeires
Spring Trapestry by FireLilyFractals Pieces by MichaelFaber Mint For Santa by sparx222:thumb40892361: Spellbinder by Rykk
A Tree with Leaves by ersi Velvet and Ivory by fanficbug spawn by sci-clone:thumb57474194:
:thumb44456224: Fanned Dreamy Pearls by BrotherNumsi Space Probes by Sophquest:thumb30876862::thumb51938787:
Florabis in Bloom by Mignon Wedding Ribbons by locomouse What a Dream by MichaelFaber:thumb55530638:
Blue Ruin by laurengary Daedric by Zueuk:thumb42119200: SERENDIPIDY by 1arcticfox Abundance by FarDareisMai
High in the Sky by Thelma1 Les contrees sauvages by zzzzra Swift cute anim' by SophieReicher Blue Jazz Lady by Laurazee:thumb57584141:
Peace Will Follow by Sophquest Celestial Explosion by Guarani 9 of Hearts by MzKitty45601 Ice by louisaphotodesign The_Black_Night by anaRasha
Red Steel by CabinTom Twilight -Wallpaper- by CabinTom Hearts 7 by baba49 -UnFrozen- by silwenka Intricate Loops by CeramicsMaster
Network nodes by CygX1 Lava Lands by one-tough-one Balance of the Elements by FractalEyes Spiral for Linda by Xantipa2 Personification of Styx by silverb
:thumb48800968::thumb33881620::thumb58133074: Southern Belle by desmo100 Primeiro Gif animado by fafadibelo
SPHERE by da-mar Technological Butterfly by blusilva Doodads by fanficbug The Odd One Out by Siminart Vibrant Aberration by lgmac
Fiddlestix by altergromit Lost in A Dream by TheLionofOZ Forgive by 1footonthedawn My Rainy Day Fae by Belleza-Xenno
Twisted Swirls by arethusafellini IGUAZU by CQUINTERO Forget Me Not Bouquet by Fractoid:thumb29935431:

Ambre_wide by relhom Messing Around by sushifreak:thumb56701826: MELANCHOLY by mimulux Ingotica - Python by Ton-K300 Groovy by Distink julian river by LameRabbit Defence by Wick5ter:thumb49816797: Bubbles 0.1 by archizero
Sterling mauve by teddybearcholla:thumb56836622: Beneath by KenSaunders Graduated Fractal - For Ginny by Leanndra51:thumb57200000:
Double Delight by LadyAliceofOz:thumb58190760: BEGONIA 4 by THOM-B-FOTO:thumb53998631::thumb56400501:
Talisman XIII Angels cradle by hmn Dragon at Dawn by moyan Siren by michan Exodus by Mizhak:thumb18432092:
Wheel of Fortune by PsychedelicTreasures Orca by jedielf goddess of wind by redinhawaii Nuance by TomWilcox Pink Sweetness by Queen-Uriel
Stained II by psion005 Eggy Spiral by desmo100 Twirly Doodads by FireLilyFractals Chip 'n Dale by Rykk Julia: Blue and Gold by LaPurr
Slaughter House  13 by laurengary:thumb52690536::thumb58027489: STAINED GLASS by da-mar Free Range Spirals by beatlefreak
:thumb58178448: One by lgmac Turtle Hill Town by altergromit -Gloris- by silwenka Shiny by blusilva
Arch of Angels by TheLionofOZ Tryptyk by sanderus Exclusion with Sadness by denise-g
:thumb54854176: Flower Julian by FractalEuphoria Spineshank by MelonLogic The Deceptive Path by Beesknees67
Ambertron by Ton-K300 Marble27 by cmptrwhz Fractal Rose Bud by im1happy:thumb55634932::thumb41597514:
the grid by 16fingers Red Dragon by SnowSkadi Eris by AlexandraVBach Gold Faerie by Acorncupcake:thumb55153169:
prawie sukienka by gosiekd Bubble Light 2 by djsmalley:thumb55139057: waterfall by raven2007:thumb58034822:
The Truth by Natsuki-3 Iona by bumpyduey Wrapping It Up by LyinRyan The Offering by Damnedin Wild Pages by djsmalley
Ouroboros by zarathus:thumb57420860: parkah by hiddenkitten:thumb55503544: the teacher, complete version by aramismarron
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Lauralithia's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!! <8^D
phoenix75's avatar
Dear Deb:

I just saw this article tonight. Thank you so very much for including me in with all these wonderfully talented artists!! I feel so honored. Also, thank you for taking the time to put all of this together. I know this was a huge project.

Now, I am going to go explore these galleries. :hug: :rose: :heart:
ersi's avatar
I greatly appreciate the feature, Deb! Your effort is very generous :heart: :hug:
Lilyas's avatar
This is an excellent fractal feature, Deb!!! Found some new friends. ;)
Sophquest's avatar
:thanks: THanks a million for featuring 2 of my fractals, Deb!!! :blowkiss:
:clap: What a feast of features this is! :hungry: Diggin' in!
;P Sophie
Distink's avatar
:wow: So many brilliant artists, so many galleries to look at!

Thank you for including my little fractal :D
teddybearcholla's avatar
Natsuki-3's avatar
Thank you sooooo very much for featuring my work, I'm truly touched! :hug:
PandaPopRock's avatar
Wow, there is some great stuff there!

There are so many talented people here on dA, I feel kind'a humbled to know I have an account on the site as them!


I really love the photograph of the flower by ~swhite0126, called Sun God. It's an amazing photo!

An also I love Exodus by ~Mizhak! It's just..amazing!

You did a great job at picking out some fantastic pieces!
fishimishi's avatar
Again, thanks for the feature! I'm really honored; you are so kind!
Fleur555's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature. Greatly appreciated. :hug:
Eva-Changin-Grl's avatar
:jawdrop::wow::faint:astounding job! they are all just so creative and beautiful! i must see all these deviant's galleries!
DWALKER1047's avatar
Thank you for saying that! Please do visit their galleries...they would love that! These artist's are some of the best on DA...there are many, many more I have not EXPOSED yet! :D
Eva-Changin-Grl's avatar
dont worry i will, they r all fantastic artist, i look 4ward 2 more:)
silverb's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature,Deb.Take care.
DWALKER1047's avatar
You are so very welcome! You do outstanding work and it was a pleasure to feature you! :D
batoruco's avatar
:glomp: Thanks friend! :D
DWALKER1047's avatar
You are more than welcome!
violettay's avatar
Wow, that's so amazing! Unfortunatley, I can't visit all of them. The art is really good though! :)
ppgrainbow's avatar
Out of the 200 deviation selections that you made...all of them are awesome! Great work! :thumbsup:
DWALKER1047's avatar
Thank you very much! When you get a chance go check them out! You should see their galleries :wow:
ppgrainbow's avatar
Alrighty! :dance:

I can't wait for that! :D
AnnaKirsten's avatar
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the feature! You're so kind, and I feel honored! Will re-visit another time to drink in all the other features you have put here - they certainly look wonderful at first sight, and some I recognise and also have fav'd in the past too! :hug:
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