50 Under 50 and Artist Interview with Dreamwave22

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I have looked all over DA this week and found more awesome:jawdrop: artwork from so many talented:nod: deviants.  All of the pieces I am featuring received under 50 :+fav:s...can you believe it? :no: Please take a moment to visit these talented artist's and show them some DA :love:


The Meeting Place by TyrantWave:thumb67016379: Fishing Machinery by altergromit:thumb39137069: Watermelon by Mad-Ethel-Rackam aloe by clarissafiller Birds by doant:thumb21038980: Where angles fly by Celestialchick .:fun flower:. by ariseandrejoice:thumb59757355: Silverscreen entry by eburt:thumb82472033: :loveDA: by luckylinx Sausage Tribesman by BLKMKT-ARCHIVE:thumb81930870: Summer night bracelet by CassiopeiaArt :crazy_dance: by dragon-ryuu Nightly Dismay...6 by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM:thumb82424754: Vicious Circle by Brigitte-Fredensborg Orange Cat Luvie by aku-kitsune Sunset at Blind Pass Beach by Foozma73:thumb83151370: spherical staircase by Modern-Day-Pirate 200 Miles Per Hour by xero-sama More Pinball by phoenixkeyblack :thumb51265013::thumb83001692::thumb71763041: Hibiscus I by 321newbie123:thumb65753453: Ladybird by Dan-the-Freak:thumb79915660::thumb82600132: 2nd Bryce by titiavanbeugen Polar Bear by archizero:thumb81828321::thumb82161122: Skateboard Emoticon by Davidgtza2:thumb71574946: B movie by teddybearcholla Sine by Jimpan1973:thumb82424754::thumb40305781: Emulsions by travmanx Magical girls- flan and bonbon by miaka-bozu

Birthday present by dreamwave22 Aragnadon by dreamwave22 Fairy by dreamwave22
Dragon by dreamwave22 Wolf's Rain cover by dreamwave22 Fairydust Cave by dreamwave22

Where do you find your inspiration?
I’m a huge fantasy fan, so when i feel like drawing I just start with some sort of magical creature in mind. Influenced by too much Japanese storylines, unrestrained and far-fetched at times.

Where do you get your ideas?
Depending on if it’s for a costumer or for fun, I either do some research on the subject or start blank.  Along the way whole stories evolve.

What programs do you find useful in making your creations?
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CS2.

Are you involved with other genres or is there one you would like to learn if you had an opportunity? (for example: photography, photomanipulation, flash movies, fractals).   
I'm currently trying to use matte painting as well. (real photo-patterns) To be able to give my work some more realistic coloring. I also wish i could paint.

If you are one of the artists who were featured in any of my journals or news articles,  please feel free to use one of the following stampies in your journals so you can get maximum EXPOSURE for your hard work!!  Thank you!
EXPOSED STAMPIE by DWALKER1047 or DEBSTAMP by DWALKER1047 Exposed by Deb Stamp I by Jenna-Rose Exposed by Deb Stamp II by Jenna-Rose
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This is a fantastic feature. I'm going to have to check some of these artists out. :boogie:
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Youre the best Deb.
There arent enough ways to thank you, before i met you (or you found me actually!^^) i almost left my quiet Deviantgallery behind.
Now im more motivated to make new paintings, and find myself euphoric login in almost every day here!
Youve been my shining lightpoint in an empty space. :)

Sweet hughs from me,

Ricardo Wigman
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You are so nice to say that Ricardo! :hug:ss :aww: That is why I search for awesome art and feature it.....I want others to see your work. So many go unnoticed...I am thrilled to be able to expose your wonderful work and give you a reason to continue! :hug:ss
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What a wonderful collection of amazing art!! I feel so honoured to be part of it, thank you so much for the feature :love: :hug:
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Thank you Deb! :D
DWALKER1047's avatar
It was well deserved and my pleasure! :hug:ss
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What a wonderful collection Deb, I am thrilled that you included one of mine, thankyou so very much :D :heart: :hug:

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You are very welcome sweetie! :hug:ss
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thanks you so much :aww:
DWALKER1047's avatar
Very well deserved! :hug:ss
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Very cool collection, thank you for including one of mine :w00t:
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You are welcome sweetie. Loved the piece you made, just couldn't believe it had so few faves. :hug:ss
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Thank you so much for the feature, Deb!:flirty: :heart:
I appreciate it very much! :glomp:
DWALKER1047's avatar
It was an honor my friend! :hug:ss
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Lots of great art.. Thanks for including one of mine..:hug:
DWALKER1047's avatar
You are welcome! :hug:ss
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Wow, there are a lot of good pictures here! ...Thanks for sharing!! :hug:
DWALKER1047's avatar
You are welcome sweetie....:giggle: SURPRISE!
altergromit's avatar
...I know, I'm sorry, I didn't see it before, :stupidme: but THANK YOU for adding my pic to your wonderful *list*!!! :blushes: :bow: :hug: :glomp:
DWALKER1047's avatar
:rofl: You are too funny sometimes! You are welcome sweetie! :hug:ss
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