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Even a Pawn can kill a King

By Dwair
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This one is not supossed to be a deviation all alone, but I like it, so I thought of showing it for a change ^_^

It's some background for the town chess club flyers, because of that, seems soooo minimalistic ;P

done in 3D Max 9/mental Ray, DOF and Bloom effects in PS-CS2, rendered in the worst computer possible...40 minutes render ~¬_¬~

Oh, I'm using as a stock render, so you can use it anywhere you like, even for commercial purposes too, you're welcome :D

Anyway, enjoy!
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as long as the pawn doesn't go by the king's rules

very nice details!
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Exactly, the pawn doesn't abide by the king's rules, or even the chess rules, its choice was Mortal Kombat! :giggle:

Thanks for watching! I'm glad you liked it :D
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It's very cool~ Just maybe a little too clean for realism :D

I'm really sorry I can't see this in full view... there seems to be something wrong with my connection at the moment >.< But it looks great even from the preview!

What part is it of? :dance:
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It's the background for a A6 size flyer, done for advertising the town's Chess courses. the text goes up on the blank space. (on the final ad there's more space than this render ^_^)

Actually the contest was held yesterday so I only had two days for doing the ads... good thing is I only spent 1 hour and 20 minutes overall, so I'm proud of myself :D

Note taken about beign clean, I always forget about the dirt...maybe it's time to try some grunge-themed renders? xD

Thanks for watching this even when your connection fails, may the god of WAN help you :hug:
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Wow thats pretty fast for something rendered out so good :D Hehe I come from a not so sanitized area so dirt is kinda second nature =p *cough* I'm clean though XD

Will you be posting up the completed poster? :3
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I'll post the complete version if you wish, but it's only spanish text above the background ^_^

I'm doing lots of posters lately, but only few have actually some fine work on them, for that reason I'm only posting the ones I've done something worthy :blush:
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Oh do~ :D It would be great to see how it shows up in the final outcome

And I'm sure all your stuff are worthy~ :D
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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it ^_^
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This puts my chess set (at least as it stands now, I don't know much about PS at the moment and I am looking forward to my class dedicated to it) to shame.

That being said, the areas reflecting light on the king seem to make it fuzzy, almost as if it were slightly out of focus. The base of the pawn seems to be the sharpest part of the picture, at least in large view. These aren't really problems, per se, but little things that catch my attention.

Great work, as usual!
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yes, those two "glitches" are intentional:

I wanted to recreate a scene as exactly like when you make a real photo, with its imperfections as well ;)

-The Pawn is the reference point for the focus, so I tend to focus the image on the nearest point, thus making the king less focused, hence the fuzzy effect there, it's the Depth of Field effect.

-I also wanted some warm and smooth lighting, so that means making some "halo" (called "bloom" or "glare" on CGI I think) effect on the highlights which have most contrast, so the King piece has that "halo" effect on the most illuminated areas.

I think those two effects make the scene look "real" because it's not perfect ;P

P.S.: I still think your chess set is really good, In fact I'll try to make the other pieces to get a full set, because I liked yours ^_^
very cool and realistic wood textures. minimalistic but perfect!
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Thank you! I'm honored :D
No problemo. You are pretty good. Good luck to all your projects!
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Thanks! Good luck to you too :D
Very nice. How long did it take you to make it without rendering of course?
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I modelled the pieces and chessboard in about 10 minutes (they are really easy) texturing took me about 20 (the textures I had were not tileable) and the postwork in PS took less than five minutes, so I think half an hour is a good time for this picture :D

Thanks for Passing by, I'm glad you liked it ^_^
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