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Light vs Dark - Original

Original Light vs Dark (Stock photo - B&W)


As with all my work, both artistic and literary, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to enter them below and I will be more than happy to respond.

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This is absolutely beautiful and I found it right about the time I needed something like this to illustrate a point!
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Replied above ^^
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I'm glad you like it ! Actually the colored one is the one I worked on. *Grin*
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this is amazing!
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Hey, glad you like it !
I messed up on the eyes for the Light Angel as you can see tho. Maybe better next time ?
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it still looks wonderful
and i guess so
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Thank you !
But I didn't draw this, it's from stock art I have. I just do the airbrush coloring for them.

The newest, "Scratch One Girl" is an interesting idea I was experimenting from before I was inspired to do it found here:

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your talented you deserve more appreciation :)
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Hi ShadaMy4Life:

* Thanks, I was looking at some of your stuff too. Apparently Airbrush is no stranger to you, either. Looks quite good, esp. your "Power" and your "Becky" is really cute !

Find me here:

I got outta Facebook cause it got too scary.
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