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Zhao Yun from Dynasty Warriors 5.
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Love your work! Also, easily my favorite character..
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You did amazing job on the pattern of his clothes .Awesome !!
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in the words of Leon himself!!
Zhao Yun rox yo sox!! ^^ maybe could you do one of him and yukimura side by side? that would be epically awesoeme!!
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heh this expression:"another has fallen to my SPEAR!"
kriara2853's avatar
Eeeeeekkkk!!!! He is soooooo sexy!!!! OMG! Amazing!!!
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Exquisite! The work on the fabrics is really amazing.
se7enleaves's avatar
i love it
it's so cool~~
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Zhao Yun my hero!!!! :heart: Great job!!!!!!
rubiocroft's avatar
It was almost great... but his face doesn´t seem to be perfect... that´s all... congratulations!
words can not explain how amazingly great this drawing is.
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nyc impressive
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Wow... :jawdrop: Gorgeous piece of work. Insta-fav! ^_^
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Dragon of Chang Zhang...
He is the best warrior of Shu, I think...
I want to learn using spear because of him...
"The General with the Might of a Tiger"

and a snappy dresser. Excellent pic.
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oh~~! i love Zilong!! ^///^
The-Diary-Of-Jane's avatar
eek that's so awsome! you did an excelent job! he's the hottest character in the whole series and he's mine! XD
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Very lovely, especially with the details. ^^
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Beautiful! The details in his clothes are gorgeous, especially the patterns.
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I love Zhao Yun, he's totally my favorite character in all the Dynasty Warriors games.
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