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February 24, 2015
The Empire Bargains by dvsdesigner is an exquisite illustration containing a very familiar and life-like scenario.
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The Empire Bargains

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Phenomenal! That's all I'm able to say!
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As all shrewd negotiators should know, extend one hand if the other party will work with you, but arm the other if they don't.
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You sell prints? Love this!
browncoatz's avatar
I really liked this! Great atmosphere and everything
kingztorm's avatar
very nice compo! did you use photos as base?
sooooo great!
Cool. Tells its own story.
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Stunning Star Wars piece.
Alpha-Dog's avatar
totally deserved DD!!
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nice a scene like this just happened in the new comics between Vader and Boba on Tattooine. Then he went and murdered all the Sand People, again. Great work though, love the dust.
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a bargin with the empire?!  lol, may as well make a deal with the devil.  anyroad, it's a great piece of work and congrats on the dd
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Congratulations on the DD :clap:
Have a nice day! :swoon: by PunkyB
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I love how the guy with the Xwing suit on has a shotgun?? Love it!!
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Seriously! This is SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bounty hunters? We don't need their scum.
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This is awesome. I love Star Wars and this looks like it could be a scene from the new movies. Great work.
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