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The Emerald v2 . Full Pack
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Published: May 2, 2011
© 2011 - 2019 dvkndn

:iconpk1st: for his help and 7.8 for the name 'x'~

:icongroove69: for his explorerframe x64

:iconmrgrim01: for very useful help ^^~

GDI++: [link]

:iconxuliikoo: for the System files Replacer - so easy for all

:iconsweatyfish: for the best Taskbar Shadow

and the Tbaricon blanker by Jody Holmes


Please contact me if you are, or you know the authors of the wallpapers in my pack! I can't find them on DA but people like their walls so much (me too) ;) I want to say thanks to them. . .

And of course, if you don't like your work here, just contact me and I'll remove it ^^~


Hav fun!
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Why is the icons not in a packaged folder to use with 7conifier, only the icons is in the folder..no easy install? :/
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awesomw man !! Rage 
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The theme looks awesome, but I can't find the "download" button???
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Awe-some. Thanks a lot :)
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Very nice and clean! I like it. First Mac skin / theme I've used. I would like to see the "black" version with windows that are darker though. Not black windows, just dark gray. I think this would look very nice like this!

For those having problems....
ExplorerFrame.dll from x86 goes in SysWOW64 folder. ExplorerFrame.dll from x64 goes in System32 folder. Very important to not get them mixed up.
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dvkndnStudent Interface Designer
Thank you for that info!
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download links here >> [link]
this is a good theme . . i like it very2 much . . thx for the great theme ~dvkndn ╮|>ω<,,|╭
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goorumStudent Digital Artist
ty ty ty I was also looking for the download button :D I liked emerald v1 and v2 looks even mr awesome thank you ~dvkndn for your awesome work thank you for keeping desktops around the world clean and beautiful :)
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its amazing.. sughoi.. but, where the download button..
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Been searching google for about half an hour now, no luck in finding this theme. It seems like every file-sharing site had this file removed for some reason. D:
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dvkndnStudent Interface Designer
well :-s I really dont know why

no longer on my computer too ++
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WOW looks awesome! but im relatively new here,so i don know how to apply this, i cant seem to find a "download link" anywhere,what should i do? :-( i know in a NooB with these stuff :P THANK YOU :-)
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Where i can download this ?
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dvkndnStudent Interface Designer
the download button @@
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but i don't have it :D

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dvkndnStudent Interface Designer
WWOW @@ tk you so much for the feed back @@ where the hell is the download buttonn ++

Im sorry but I dont keep the skin pack on my computer now :-s maybe you should google for it
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radiotodayHobbyist Digital Artist
nice one.........................................
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I've had some problems that are illustrated in the two screenshots below. Any way to fix it?

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dvkndnStudent Interface Designer
oh Firefox, no, I hate it ++ it's not good for menu
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I see. Guess this theme is a no no for me then.
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It is not firefox. Your first error is because you didn't patch well the exploreframe.dll

You have to put the 64 version on system32 and the 32 version on the directory under de system32 that is called whatever64
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after I change the explorer frame it gives error/warning and I can't open explorer.exe anymore.. I have to open in safe mode and replace the origanal files..

when I apply patch x86 for my 32b system it juz give blank screen to me...

plz help me...
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